Experience Best-In-Class Customer Support With Kustomer

We’re leveling up Walla with a support tool you will love!

Experience Best-In-Class Customer Support With Kustomer

At its very core, customer support is the direct connection between customers and a business. But at Walla, we view customer support well above that textbook sentiment. Customer service (or should we say success?) is integral to our software—and your experience with our platform. It’s not just answering your questions with a link to an article; it’s empowering you to learn, make informed decisions, and, ultimately, smarter business choices that benefit your clients and your bottom line. That’s why we’ve leveled up our customer service tool to be as modern and streamlined as the Walla software.

Say hello to our all-new support platform, Kustomer!

From Glossier to Away, Kustomer has proven that their best-in-class tech and capabilities can keep up with customer demand and create a personalized journey for top-notch, high-quality, high-traffic brands. Every support interaction is historically driven, knowledgeable, and interactive. And that’s what our team wanted to support you better! So what made us choose Kustomer?

“The Walla Support Team knew we needed a tool that could enhance and compliment our expertise in the customer service and FitTech space,” said Heather McCormick, Director of Customer Service. “We have over 17 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, we’ve worked with more than 20,000 studios, salons, and spas, and we’ve used archaic platforms. We’ve seen first-hand the frustration with other software companies. The pain of repetition from explaining yourself every time, the feature request “black hole”, and finding shortcuts to escalate an issue just to get an answer.

“Kustomer amplifies our forward-thinking support approach. We can engage with you, our studio partners, utilizing a revolutionary framework that instills excitement about Walla in the moment—and long into the future.”  

By automating the support process with Kustomer, Walla is implementing a hyper-personalized proactive support approach, allowing you to make faster, better decisions. Because isn’t that what Walla is all about? Here are a few reasons why we’re confident you’ll love Kustomer as much as us! 

It’s all about real conversations

No outsourced support or transferring agents here! Kustomer’s intuitive design makes our team more efficient with your questions while saving you time with streamlined interactions. You are always connected to an empathetic (super knowledgable) expert who knows Walla inside and out. Your inquiries aren’t just a ticket in the queue; they are meaningful conversations as we create a deeper relationship with your studio and your process. 

Proactively track product requests + conversions

Since the Walla Customer Support works closely with our product team, Kustomer enables us to build out specific systems and reporting to track conversion trends related to the Walla platform. Using the reports we’ve built, we can share your feedback and insights with product so they can make more informed decisions when updating and implementing new features and functions within the software.

A single, customizable customer journey

With Kustomer, it’s not about one ticket that needs to be checked off as complete. When you chat or email our support team, we can see your customer service journey, whether it’s your first question about credits or your most recent inquiry about plan change. It’s the entire support journey of your studio in one view! It goes beyond eliminating the need for you to reiterate a past support interaction because the conversation never ends! 

Modern (and simply beautiful) support experience 

Outdated, stagnant support belongs to other studio management software. At Walla, we wanted to make sure the customer support tool we chose is responsive and easy to use, just like our platform. Yes, Kustomer had us at its sleek design (you know we love some awesome UX/UI), and when we dove into the functionality, we knew it was a FitTech fit! 

  • Mobile-friendly views for consuming support video content on-the-go
  • Daily support content publication so you can quickly find new articles 
  • In-article feedback feature that allows you to leave comments to help us optimize what is published 

Kustomer’s robust technology and customer-first platform lay the foundation for growth at your studio as we expand our capabilities to support you better!

Want to check out our Kustomer portal? Click here to explore and learn more. Please note, you must be logged into your Walla account to access our support content. 

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