Less Stress at the Front Desk

Walla takes the work out of scheduling, pricing, and building your classes so you can get out from behind the computer and back to being present in the studio.

Main Feature

Your Schedule Screens

Professional design

Quickly Identify and Understand Fill Rates

Your daily schedule outlines checked-in, booked, and capacity for every class, so you can quickly scan and understand your day.

Easy to use

Powerful Filters Deliver Results in Real-Time

Narrow down your view by location, instructor, class, or room, helping you find the information you need fast.

Easy to customize

In-Person, Livestream, and Hybrid Data All in One Place

View your schedule for both types of classes in one place with a consolidated set of statistics.

Second feature

Class Check-in, Fast

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Real-Time Digital Waiver Alerts, Plus Instant Upload

Walla's missing waiver alert on the roster lets you capture electronic signatures in seconds—and seamlessly save it to their profile.

Easy to use

Capture Studio Drop-Ins With Guest Passes

Accept guests that step into your studio—and leverage a new lead—with our easy "Add Guest" checkout feature.

Easy to customize

Directly Send Messages From the Class Screen

Contact class participants or filter by group (like those who haven't checked in), so you can get the word out fast from one place!

Start Livestream From Class Roster

No multiple tabs or technical difficulties. Kick off your next livestream by tapping the button directly on the class screen.

Waitlist Changes With Automatic Updates

Quickly add or remove a client from the waitlist—and we'll automatically alert them to changes in their status.

Easily Collect on Late Cancel/No Show Fees

Who's late or who skipped class? See exactly what clients need to get charged from the class roster, so your studio never misses a fee again!

Crucial Class Stats Delivered Fast

Get a real-time rundown of class capacity, and total number of booked and checked-in clients via graph.

Quickly Find the Next Occurrence

Jump right to the same class next week at a specific time or see the upcoming schedule for other class instances.

Upsell and Check Out Faster With Quick Buy

From water bottles to mat rentals and studio t-shirts, make purchases for any products you've added to retail.

Main Feature

The Dashboard

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Stay on Top of Expiring Plans and Failed Payments

Your dashboard keeps you up-to-date on the data that is most crucial for your business.

Professional design

Simplified Multi-Location Schedule

See all of your classes for all locations for a specific day with fill rates and checked-in statistics.

Easy to use

Attendance Insights and Charts

Quickly identify your class capacity rates for in-person and average bookings per livestream class.

Easy to customize

Transparent Monthly Recurring Revenue Insights

Track your trend for monthly recurring revenue (MRR), so you can better grasp the status of your studio goals.

Third feature

Client Insights & Information

Professional design

QR Code Waiver Access for Immediate Signatures

Missing a client waiver? Easily send them a link or create a custom-generated QR code so they can complete it right from their mobile device.

Easy to use

Personality Call-Out for Better Interactions

When your clients take our quiz, an icon with their personality type will appear on their profile so your staff can instantly and easily understand what motivates and drives them.

Easy to customize

Recognizable Client Milestones and Birthdays

Five classes in a row or 125th yoga flow, studio staff can see individual accomplishments (and birthdays) in real-time, enabling them to surprise and delight your clients!

Easy to use

Keep Important Notes for the Front Desk

From vaccination status to nicknames and instructor preferences, utilize notes for any need-to-know client information that your staff should be aware of.

Easy to customize

Get Alerts Regarding Crucial Client Issues

Expiring plan or credit card? With notifications that are easily accessible, you won't miss anything when it comes to individual clients.


Track the Number of Studio Visits for Every Client

A bright #1 symbol will denote new clients—and all other total client visits will be displayed next to their name for more knowledgable front desk engagement.

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