Reviews from our Studio Software Clients

Discover why studio owners, staff, and clients love Walla!

"My clients love Walla, and even my most tech challenged teacher keeps saying how easy it is. I'm just so glad we made the move. Best decision."

Megan Nelson

"Changing felt like a big deal, but it was great to clean out the cobwebs from years and years with Mindbody. We've had no complaints from clients, and it is for sure saving me time every week."

Wes Bozeman

"Walla is way more than a backend software system; it is a company made up of passionate, supportive, and caring people. It’s the kind of company we aim to be—and we are proud to be a client of Walla!"

Ashely Oberg

"We absolutely love how intuitive Walla is. It was so easy to learn. You guys are the Apple of studio software. We are so happy we chose to work with you!"

Lynne Brackett

"After the last couple of years, I was so grateful to find a software partner who was invested in our success, and what a bonus that it was another local, female leader!"

Charity Rahmer

"My staff and the members love Walla. It is so easy, intuitive, and pretty—a huge upgrade from where we were previously. The instructors are motivated by watching their fill rates in such a simple and easy-to-understand graph."

Megan Wenstrup