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Create a community of loyal members, scale revenue, and save time with an easy-to-use modern platform designed to strengthen and grow your fitness business.

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Walla is built to take your HIIT and fitness studio to the next level

Increase retention with industry-first insights

Utilizing personality typology and highly-individualized sales and marketing features, encourage clients to book more and achieve their goals.

Fast and efficient
mobile-friendly design

Walla’s interface makes it easy for you to manage your studio and gym directly from your phone so you can stay on top of daily operations in real time.

Make better,
faster decisions

Transparent reporting gives you access to key metrics with dashboards and in-page statistics so you can make informed decisions, not guesses.

Earn more with individual workout experiences

Personal training or small group coaching, Walla makes it easy to create, schedule and sell appointments, helping you tap into a new revenue stream.

  • Keep your clients accountable with individual time slots featuring a specific instructor
  • Organically impact loyalty, retention, and positive word-of-mouth marketing
  • Influence profitability by allowing clients to bring a friend to a private session

Capitalize on opportunities to convert

Increase new client conversion rates, track every part of their studio journey, and optimize your sales funnel with instant insights.

  • Personalize introductory discount offers on memberships
  • Enable purchases that fit a client’s goals directly via your widget
  • Review all sold and completed Intro Offers, conversion rates, and profitability

Boost your member base with guest passes

From a private session to an intimate class with friends, tap into a consistent revenue stream with Walla’s built-in appointment features.

  • Organically impact loyalty, retention, and positive word-of-mouth marketing
  • Keep your clients accountable with individual time slots at a top price
  • Empower your gym to sell more through a clean, modern booking and buying flow

Explore more features to elevate your gym

Stay engaged with
app announcements

New teacher, weather update, retail sale—keep your clients informed on the Walla app where they prefer to book classes! Learn more

Maximize profits
during busy times

Walla’s credit-based pricing system allows you to price individual classes and gym hours based on worth and popularity.
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Faster, more efficient
class check-in

Experience less stress at the front desk with self check-in, real-time digital waiver alerts and member details directly on the roster.
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