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Discover a modern studio management platform built to boost profitability, save time, increase retention, and engage more clients with the industry’s best experience.  

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Proudly Customer-Obsessed

“If it were not for migrating to Walla, I would not have had the gumption or fortitude to build out the software for a second studio. You guys make me feel supported. You make it easy for me to grow.”

Megan Kinsey

"Walla is way more than a backend software system; it is a company made up of passionate, supportive, and caring people. It’s the kind of company we aim to be—and we are proud to be a client of Walla!"

Ashely Oberg

"Feedback has been so positive from my clients. They all tell me it’s intuitive. The best part is that they see my renewed energy."

Meg Galarza

"It's so easy to manage the business from the app or from the website on my phone, which surprised me—and it's so much easier to manage. Everything is just smoother... and more intuitive!”

Susan King

“The best of all is the integration with our website and the seamless booking for new riders. Our intro offers are generating good leads, and the software supports nurturing those leads to the point that membership is their only option!”

Megan Wenstrup

"I couldn’t be happier with our move to Walla. It was a big decision that we didn’t take lightly... Memberships are trending up, my team is happy—and it’s great working with a company we align with."

Danielle Barbeau‍

The Best Migration Experience, Zero Downtime

14 years of data or 14 months, making the switch to Walla is as easy as 1-2-3! Our team of data migration and onboarding experts can handle any and all studio details, helping you see your fitness business more clearly.

  • Personalized support and communication
  • Clean up your individual business history
  • Automatic data transfer (including payment methods)

Instantly Increase Client Engagement

Attract, nurture, and retain studio members with industry-first personality typology insights based on behavior and motivators so you’re always sending the right message at the right time.

  • Hyper-segmented communication 
  • Fully integrated marketing automations
  • Boost client upsell opportunities with relevant, time-sensitive offers

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