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A modern studio fitness software to increase revenue, save time, and retain more clients.

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Walla loves happy clients

Simple and clear

"Walla is so simple and clear in comparison to many other platforms. I keep finding more cool things that make my life easier all the time."

Suzanne Davis
Love Yoga | @loveyogastudio

Everything in one place

"It’s so refreshing to have everything in one place—and to know that it was designed by someone I can trust!"

Bridget Reagan
Honey Yoga |

Immense gratitude

"I am filled with immense gratitude for each of you (and the teams you manage) for all your energy, expertise, attention to detail, vision, and collaboration."

Danielle Barbeau
The River Yoga | @theriveryoga

Be thrilled with your software partner

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Simplify your studio operations

Do More in
Less Time

Intuitive, user-centric platform with the exact features you need, designed for the way you and your team work.

Find & 
Retain Clients

Integrations with leading marketing suites and an industry-first client personalization approach.

Optimize Brand Experiences

Ensure revenue-generating client touchpoints—like website widgets and apps—are consistent and convenient.

Better, Faster Decisions

Instantly access key metrics with dashboards and in-page statistics, or tap into reporting to dig a little deeper.

Go virtual with ease

With the flexibility to price and schedule classes independently, create hybrid memberships, and seamlessly connect multiple Zoom accounts, Walla’s built-in livestream and video on demand functionality gives you confidence to deliver a high-quality virtual experience to everyone, every time.

Get the client personality in their profile

Increase client engagement

Leveraging the latest university-backed research in behavioral psychology, you get an industry-first, habit-building personality quiz and wellness guide to help you truly understand what motivates your clients to move.


Customize client interactions based on personality


Create real-time, personalized client connections


Share strategically curated content to increase individual success

Switching software is scary liberating!

We call our migration process the “cleanse” because that’s just what it feels like. You’ll soon see your business more clearly and be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Our onboarding experts will guide you through the process, ensuring no data left behind.

It's time to take a giant leap forward.

Discover how Walla’s studio management platform makes your time—and your studio operations—more efficient.

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