Earn More With Marketing Tech Built for Boutique Studios

Experience Walla’s fully-integrated, all-in-one marketing platform designed to help your fitness studio convert every client with industry-first personality insights and timely, strategic communication.

Increase Conversions with Personalized Interactions

Automatically send individual, segmented messaging that resonates to boost sales.

Set-and-Forget Automations that Continually Drive Revenue

Save time while confidently launching expertly curated client campaigns.

Win-Back More
Clients With the Right Messaging

Improve retention and revenue by sending engaging communication at pivotal points in their studio journey.

Live Data Sync
for Real-Time

Easily accessible and accurate marketing data integrated within the Walla software so you're always in the know.

"Automations are going to make my life so much easier... I don’t even know how to quantify how much time, brain space, and energy it will save me.”

Megan Nelson
Founder, Prairie Soul Studio

Connect with Clients at the Exact Moments that Matter Most

Journeys enable your studio to create higher performing and engaging  communication by sending perfectly sequenced automations so no client gets lost in the studio shuffle.

  • Track and convert through intro offers to membership
  • Celebrate individual milestones and deepen studio connection
  • Leverage win-back opportunities to increase retention and revenue

Capture Client Attention with Beautifully Branded Newsletters

Stand out from your competitors and increase open rates and engagement with fully personalized emails and messaging built to complement your brand—and your marketing and sales strategy.

  • Customize individual emails based on client personality type
  • Reinforce studio branding with our AI-powered email and newsletter content tools
  • Keep your clients educated and your studio top of mind in their inbox

Sell More Plans with Optimized Automations and Trackable Conversions

Increase the lifetime value of individual clients and studio profitability with access into clear insights on communication performance so you can see exactly what’s working—and what’s not.

  • Automatically track intro offer to plan purchase for individual clients
  • Attach intended conversion to any email and measure results
  • Real-time reporting based on the success of your automations

Hyper-Personalized, Curated Audiences So Your Communication Always Lands

Never miss an opportunity to connect! Walla’s built-in and proven Automations empower your studio to customize every marketing touchpoint and maximize revenue with messaging that relates to every phase of a client’s studio journey.

  • Increase engagement with personalized content and suggestions
  • Share the right message at the right time to the right individual
  • Dynamic audiences enable your automations to be perfectly targeted every time
  • Real-time data allow for individual accuracy that saves time (and a tech headache)

Additional marketing features


Automate marketing to-do’s so your staff can send targeted communication to specific audiences, contacts, or tags.

Push Notifications

Stay relevant and win-back clients directly with mobile-friendly, time-sensitive offers and communication.

Promo Codes

Create unique discount codes that you can add to any automation to promote individual offers, track results, and boost sales.

App Announcements

Streamline communication, share news and updates, and increase studio awareness on the Walla app.


Customized funnel for leads based on studio criteria so you can track their actions, optimizing sale opportunities.

Landing Pages

Choose from performance-based templates and create a branded web page in minutes for special events and more.

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