Lagree Studio Management Software Built for Your Studio

Save time, encourage brand loyalty, and increase bookings with an easy-to-use modern platform designed to strengthen and grow your fitness community. The best lagree studio management software available, provided by Walla. From employee management, to custom branded apps and easy to use features, Walla helps boost your studio to new heights.

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Stay in control while giving your clients the best fitness experience

More efficient, engaging class check-in and scheduling

It’s all about less stress at the front desk with client self check-in, digital waiver alerts and uploads, and member information directly on the class roster.

Fast, reliable mobile- friendly studio software

Walla’s interface makes it easy for you to manage your Lagree studio from your phone so you can stay on top of daily operations in real time.

Make better
business decisions

Transparent reporting gives you access to key metrics with dashboards and in-page statistics so you can feel confident with every business decision.

Easier to manage: Always collect on no-show and late cancellation fees

Client miss a fitness class? With Walla’s streamlined, automated, and flexible fee collection, it’s easy to enforce studio penalties and keep personal training classes full.

  • See exactly what clients need to pay from the class roster
  • Provide top tier customer service: Fees are charged 24 hours after class start time in case you want to reverse it
  • Accurate reporting so you can see no-show and late cancel trends by fitness program category

Intuitive waitlist features with automatic updates

Eliminate client and class capacity concerns with email and text message features created to keep your clients informed if they get in!

  • Ability to edit details, determine your waitlist timeframes and keep every Megaformer full
  • Add or remove a client from the waitlist—and Walla will alert them to changes in their status
  • If a client decides to cancel, waitlist penalties will be displayed, reminding them of the policy

Boost profitability with Lagree experiences

Earn more money at your studio. From a private session to an intimate class with friends,  tap into a consistent revenue stream with Walla’s built-in appointment scheduling tools.

  • Organically impact loyalty, retention, and positive word-of-mouth marketing for your pilates business
  • Studio software just for you: Keep your clients accountable with individual time slots at a top price
  • Better business management: Enable your studio to sell more via a modern booking flow created for Lagree studios

Explore more features to power your Lagree studio

Increase retention with
industry-first insights

Utilizing highly-personalized sales and marketing features, encourage clients to book more and achieve their goals.
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Use software to optimize your schedule with instructor analytics

Super popular or unreliable? Make informed decisions about who leads your classes with Walla’s Teacher Ranking Report.
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Capitalize on traffic and convert every client with Walla software

Impact new client conversion rates, track every part of their studio journey, and enhance your sales funnel with instant insights.
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