Actionable Reporting Software for Your Fitness Business

Discover the exact data your gym needs to make accurate, informed decisions based on reliable, relevant insights—giving you the full picture of studio success for easy management. Thanks to Walla's gym reporting software.

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Easy Tracking of Critical Studio Metrics

See sales, new clients, expiring plans, cancellations, and more in an understandable format within our gym management software, empowering you to analyze what's generating revenue.

Analyze All Gym Revenue within our Software System

In Walla’s Cash/Sales Report, get an all-encompassing view of accrual-based revenue along with the total dollars in and out in a day—and the revenue attributed to those sales.

  • Give your gym financial clarity
  • Review amortization to account for costs over time

Get Customizable Insights Into Your Fitness Product Sales

The Retail Report gives you real-time stats for your product sales (like yoga mats and t-shirts) so you can take advantage of buying trends.

  • Filter by date, location, category, and product type/name
  • Get a clear view of what’s selling and what’s not moving

Gauge Your Gym Profitability and Performance Online

Walla’s MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) Report provides an in-depth look into the revenue your studio can generally expect to receive monthly.

  • Track studio MRR abd view and ground by preferred timeframe
  • Report amortizes upfront payment from annual plans

Your Solution for Instant Client and Retention Insights

Benchmark and measure gym performance so you can take action for more sustainable revenue. Walla provides your solution for easy evaluation of client reports within our software system.

First Purchase Report

Tracking based on first purchase date at your studio, you can see exactly who your new clients are online (and the plan and service used to book a class).

  • Filter report by timeframe and gym location
  • Narrow down client details and results to analyze trends

First Visit Report

Instantly access, analyze and measure gym visitors, new clients, and the return rate percentage so you can track behavior and trends

  • Utilize filters like location and date range to see more specific data
  • Review unique first-time visitors and opportunities to nurture them

Expiring Credit Card Report

Stay on top of client credit card data by seeing exactly who’s credit card is nearing expiration and attached to recurring billing so your business never misses a payment again!

  • Use report data to engage clients with expiring credit cards
  • Take immediate, time-sensitive action

Members Account Balances Report

See what clients have balances attached to their studio account—positive or negative.

  • Proactively address clients with negative studio balances so you get paid
  • Utilize client balances for in-studio and plan purchases

Take Action on Active Plans and Get an Easy-to-Understand Overview of Performance

With plan and membership reporting, understand exactly what drives revenue and retention—and what sales strategy could be revisited.

Track Studio KPIs with Walla's Plan Gain/Loss Report

Walla streamlines, filters, compares, and tracks plan sale metrics, instantly identifying areas of strength and loss while showcasing growth opportunities.

  • Get better understanding of member retention
  • Outline improvement opportunities needed to stay competitive

Calculate Churn With Walla’s Plan Retention Report

How long are clients staying at your studio? This report explains what to charge and how to structure introductory offers.

  • Outline how and when to nurture clients
  • Eliminate the guesswork and need for third-party tools

Take Action With Real-Time Plan Data

Review the status of plans and see what’s expiring in the next 30 days so you can reach out to your members, ensuring there’s no lapse in studio time.

  • Filter by unlimited plans, limited plans, and credit bundles
  • Understand who and when a client needs to be communicated with regarding their plan

Manage and Analyze Intro Offer Conversions

A critical metric, be alerted to unconverted offers so you can reach out to specific clients and increase conversion KPIs.

  • Review all sold and completed intro offers in your preferred date range
  • Determine which intro offers are most profitable

All-Encompassing Client and Appointment Management Software

Keep on top of visit and booking patterns to increase retention and revenue at every point in a client's journey.

Determine Revenue Drivers and Client Interest

The Class Analysis Report gives you a colorful, in-depth look at what classes are your money-makers, fill rates, and performance.

  • Analyze revenue, profit, check-ins and more
  • Use insights to test new class times on your schedule

See What Gym Classes Are Hitting Capacity

With the Class Attendance Report, accurately determine which classes work for your studio schedule and which you might want to reschedule (or remove).

  • Review no-shows, checked-in, and class capacity based on timeframe
  • Making more informed class schedule decisions, saving and making you money

Automatically Collect on Fees, Earn More Revenue

Walla’s No-Show/Late Cancel Report allows your studio to save time and automate studio policies and fees, enabling you to collect and keep classes full.

  • 24-hour window to collect or reverse/edit preset fees
  • Easily customizable charges based on preferred timeframe

Make Your Gym Schedule More Bookable

Thanks to the Teacher Ranking Report, your studio can set a baseline for instructor performance metrics, positively impacting productivity and responsibility.

  • Compare KPIs like fill rates and reliability based on studio averages
  • Determine who deserves more (or fewer) teaching spots on your schedule