Franchise management

Confidently Scale Studio Operations

Designed to support growing franchise fitness businesses, Walla makes it easy to manage all studio locations with top-tier, secure technology created to empower success.

Transparent Fees and Financial Logistics

Achieve profitability, modernize operations, and ensure you're paid on time with customizable tools.  

  • Business analytics across multiple studio locations to drive data-driven growth
  • Manage bank accounts by individual studio to handle payments and an overview of expenses
  • Personalized functionality allows you to assign and collect royalty fees and monthly debits

Frictionless Software Suited for Your Needs

Walla helps you effectively manage and take control with customized features and permissions.

  • End-to-end class and appointment creation and scheduling and plan management
  • Individual client profile tracking across all studios to eliminate duplicate account creation
  • Singular login experience; specific feature access for staff based on studio location/role

Solution-Oriented Support and Training

With an in-house team and software training, your franchisees will be setup for success from the start.

  • Every single studio support inquiry will be tracked, saving time and reducing repetition
  • Dedicated migration specialist and support representative as your franchise advocate
  • Accessible in-depth, self-help support library and videos to proactively answer questions

Be In The Know Without Being There

Walla reporting is revolutionizing studio data by giving you a comprehensive view all in one place.

  • Location-based reporting shows key KPIs to ensure franchisees meet success metrics
  • Quickly see sales by location to gain insight into how all your studios are performing
  • See what studio is offering presale promos and measure revenue attributed to presales only

Convert More Leads,  
Retain More Clients  

Walla’s marketing automations are created to elevate your sales process, increase retention, and nurture leads at key points in their studio journey.

  • Expertly curated, segmented marketing campaigns to boost sales at every location
  • Impact profitability and the lifetime value of clients based on communication performance
  • Walla's fully integrated marketing suite removes extra expenses and the need for third-party resources

Features Your Franchisees Will Love

Intuitive, Clean Interface

Walla's mobile-friendly design encourages usability while saving staff time

Hands-On Training

Easily digestible software onboarding process that inspires sustainable success

Simple Sub Management

Remove admin tasks and instantly track and organize instructor sub requests

Instant Class Insights

From profitability to instructor popularity, accurately analyze schedule performance

Seamless Self Check-In

Keep staff engaged and end the front desk bottleneck with a reliable experience

Modern Payment Methods

Saved cross-location client credit card history, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more!

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