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Dynamic, real-time reporting
Classes and appointments
Automated sub management
Real-time, two-way texting
Branded website widgets
Additional VOD storage
Branded emails and newsletters
Customizable communication
Fully-integrated marketing platform
Intro offers and plan management
Automatic waitlist notifications
Failed payment reminders
Expired plan reminders
Built-in Zoom integration
Payroll and pay rate preparation
Guest pass plan additions
Simplified multi-location schedule
Gift card and promotional codes
Video on demand courses
Electronic waiver management
Walla app for iOS + Android
Seamless enrollment scheduling
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Transparency Matters

No hidden merchant fees here! Walla eliminates the financial headache by only charging the standard Stripe processing fee.

Why Studios
Love Walla

“If it were not for migrating to Walla, I would not have had the gumption or fortitude to build out the software for a second studio. You guys make me feel supported. You make it easy for me to grow.”

Megan Kinsey

"Walla is way more than a backend software system; it is a company made up of passionate, supportive, and caring people. It’s the kind of company we aim to be—and we are proud to be a client of Walla!"

Ashely Oberg

"Feedback has been so positive from my clients. They all tell me it’s intuitive. The best part is that they see my renewed energy."

Meg Galarza

"It's so easy to manage the business from the app or from the website on my phone, which surprised me—and it's so much easier to manage. Everything is just smoother... and more intuitive!”

Susan King

“The best of all is the integration with our website and the seamless booking for new riders. Our intro offers are generating good leads, and the software supports nurturing those leads to the point that membership is their only option!”

Megan Wenstrup

"I couldn’t be happier with our move to Walla. It was a big decision that we didn’t take lightly... Memberships are trending up, my team is happy—and it’s great working with a company we align with."

Danielle Barbeau‍

Frequently Asked Questions

From fees to client contact, here are some of Walla's most popular inquiries!

What's the rate for credit card processing?

At Walla, it's all about transparency. We charge the standard Stripe payment processing fees with no additional (or hidden) charges: 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction and 2.7% + 5 cents per transaction with the Stripe terminal.

Will my credit cards be migrated when I switch from my current software?

Absolutely! In most cases, we can automatically migrate client credit card information directly to Stripe from your previous studio management platform.

Do you charge my customers any additional fees?

Absolutely not! There is no convenience fee for booking on the mobile app, nor do we charge you extra for first-time bookings.

Will your widgets work on my website?

Of course! Walla widgets will work on all popular website platforms. Plus, they will give your clients a better, easier browsing and booking experience.

Does Walla have a business mobile app?

We built our studio management platform to have a responsive, mobile-friendly interface, eliminating the need to download another app to manage your studio.

Do you market or sell directly to your customers' clients?

At Walla, we believe your clients are exactly that—your clients. So while we will support their booking and buying experience, we are here to make you their hero.