Truly Integrated Video

Experience the joy of seamless video rather than just another video add-on. Offer your clients flexibility while making virtual classes a staple at your studio.

Second feature

Better Livestream

Professional design

Seamless Zoom Integration

With our Zoom app, you're less than a minute away from enabling livestreaming for a seamless client experience.

Easy to use

Multiple Classes, All at Once

It's easy to setup multiple Zoom accounts, so you can stream three different 5 PM classes without any technical difficulties.

Easy to customize

Eliminate Link Issues

Never copy and paste again! Wall will automatically send a link before class start time, ensuring error-free entry for all clients.

Start a Class Directly From the Check-In Screen

Simply click the link at the top of the check-in screen and start your livestream class in seconds.

Virtual + In-Person Rosters All In One Place

Instantly view your virtual roster in real-time right next to your in-person roster so you can engage with everyone in class.

Plans Built Specifically for Livestream

Control who gets in on the livestream action. With all plans, you can determine if livestream, in-person, or hybrid are included.

Easily Add Livestream to Any Class or Enrollment

Adding a livestream to any service is as easy as clicking a checkbox. Don't worry; we'll take care of the details.

Eliminate Client Questions With Default Settings

Class entry time, auto-mute—manage default Zoom settings so your clients can always expect virtual consistency.

Second feature

Video on Demand (VOD)

Professional design

Control Online Access

Easily use VOD as a perk to any in-person or livestream plan, offering client flexibility and added revenue.

Easy to use

Sell VOD-Only Plans

Create VOD-only plans and engage a different demographic of clients who are looking for at-home workouts.

Easy to customize

Increase Website Traffic

Let clients easily view the VOD library right on your website, increasing SEO and showcasing what you have to offer.

Switching Is Easy

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