Plans & Intro Offers That Convert!

Create trial incentives for your studio, add discounts to recurring plans, build credit bundles, offer virtual-only, and manage the details of your plans all in one place.

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Built-In Marketing Automations

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Strategic Client Engagement

Featuring customizable and automated trigger-based communication for intro offers and studio visits, easily nurture clients, increase retention—even sell more plans!

Easy to use

Drive Conversions and Bookings

Control what messages you want to send with our on and off toggle, include the specific plan and class links you want, and drive more conversions.

Easy to customize

Understand Automation Performance

With an intuitive dashboard, get stats on who and how your clients engage so you can see the details of your marketing funnel and optimize opportunities.

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Intro Offers Done Right

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In-Person and Livestream Classes

Choose the type of access a client gets with every intro offer you create and promote.

Easy to use

Customized Start Dates

Determine the timeline when you would like to have an intro offer start: Date of purchase or first visit.

Easy to customize

Unlimited and Limited Offers

Select a specific number of classes to include or let them come as much as they wish before the expiration date you set.

Video on Demand Options

Easily add video on demand (VOD) access to any intro offer directly from the setup screen.

Add Guest Passes

Allow guest passes that align with the same parameters as the intro offer you've created.

Discounts to Future Plans

When someone buys an intro offer, you can set it up so they're automatically eligible for discounts on future plans.

Track Offer Conversion

Know and understand which intro offers are working best to ensure you're turning new clients into repeat clients and increasing retention.

New Client Restrictions

We'll automatically confirm that a client buying an intro offer online has visited before, but you can easily override any restrictions!

Choose locations and classes

For every intro offer, you pick the eligible classes and locations.

Second feature

Uber-flexible Plan Creation

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Build Hybrid Plans

In-person or livestream, manage the type of access a client gets with every intro offer and plan you create and sell.

Easy to use

Flexible Buying Options

Members-only or anyone? Online or just in-studio? You control who buys and where they can utilize their purchase.

Easy to customize

Individual and Limited Plan Customization

Decide if you want to offer discounted plans and establish limitations and restrictions.

Easily Grant Member Status

Determine if a plan should grant members status, giving your client early booking windows, discounts, and other privileges.

Editable Payment Options

Take recurring scheduled payments or create plans that require a single, upfront payment.

Attach Polices and Contracts

Every plan gives you the ability to quickly add a unique contract from your library on the Walla platform.

Add Guest Passes to Any Plan

Guest passes can be included with any plan, matching the privileges and timing of the plan the client is associated with.

Incentives for All Clients

Allow discounts for new clients who purchase an intro offer—or configure any type of plan discounts for existing clients.

Second feature

Plan Management

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Member Discounts

Offer special pricing to members to show your appreciation and increase client engagement.

Easy to use

Video on Demand Plan Additions

Video on demand access can be enabled and added to any plan, giving your clients the flexibility to purchase what they want.

Easy to customize

Charge for Early Termination

Build early termination policies into any plan—but it's your choice if you want to charge them!

Auto-Renew With Ease

Save time by electing to auto-renew a plan, resulting in a seamless purchase process and higher client retention.

Set Custom Start Dates

Begin a plan immediately, on the first of next month, or on any custom date you determine.

Personalized Plan Pausing

Maternity leave or vacation? Create custom pause start and end dates, and we will ensure all pre-payments are accounted for when the plan resumes.

Instant Payment Adjustment

View the future payment schedule of any recurring plan and adjust the amount to charge before the transaction happens.

Main Feature

Maximize Your Limited Plans

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Manage Subscription or Usage-Based Plans

Offer a limited number of classes monthly (subscription) or let your clients use them when they want (usage-based).

Professional design

Incentivize Auto-Renewal

Elect to allow rollover of the same plan at a special price upon auto-renewal to increase repeat clients—and retention.

Easy to use

Create Rolling Packs and Plans

Automatically refill a pack or plan to keep the client engagement and momentum going strong.

Easy to customize

Customizable Expiration Dates

A class pass can be good forever, or you have the option to set an expiration based on issue date.

Third feature

Introducing Credit Plans

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Dynamic Pricing

By pricing your classes based on value and worth, credit bundles give your clients the flexibility to book and spend based on their budget.

Easy to use

Reduce Plan Complexity

You no longer need one plan for yoga and another for Pilates because credit bundles allow clients to vary their spending with a single plan.

Easy to customize

Refill Credit Bundles Fast

Automatically refill a credit bundle to increase client engagement, offer booking options, and keep them on track.

Third feature

VOD-only Plans

Professional design

Unlimited Video Access

Consider this an additional revenue source for those who love your classesbut can't make it to the studio.

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