June 15, 2023

What Apple’s New Health Tech Means for the Fitness Studio Industry

Apple is prioritizing more elements of everyday wellness, and so should you! Learn what Apple's new wellness tech means for your fitness studio and the industry as a whole.

What Apple’s New Health Tech Means for the Fitness Studio Industry

Apple is considered a pioneer of technology, function, and form. Think of it this way: There are 1.5 billion active iPhone users worldwide. When they release a new product or feature, the world tests it. Tries it. Weighs in. And the latest Apple software announcement is all about wellness. So how does that impact the fitness industry? 

The new mental health functionality and updates tap into the conversation around the different elements of wellness—and the fact that rates of burnout, anxiety, and depression are at record levels. Apple isn’t revolutionizing healthcare but instigates a proactive approach to monitoring and self-care for the masses. For example, the new mental health features empower users to track and record their emotions and moods. Personal well-being is becoming even more accessible. 

Here are six ways Apple’s increased health-related product updates can impact your studio and the fitness industry as technology evolves. 

1. Daily integration of mental well-being

The inclusion of expanded Apple-related features showcases the mainstream recognition of the importance of mental wellness in conjunction with physical fitness. It highlights the shift towards a holistic approach to health, acknowledging that mental and emotional aspects are essential components of overall well-being. If you’re not already, consider prioritizing mindfulness and stress reduction alongside fitness classes at your studio. Try partnering and collaborating with local specialists and hosting a breathwork event, for example, and gauge client interest to see if it’s something you should offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly on your schedule. You’ll differentiate your studio from your competitors and leverage an additional revenue stream, allowing your community to experiment and expand their well-being. 

2. Motivation, accountability, and a goal-oriented mindset

It’s no secret Apple's health features include activity rings, challenges, and notifications that can motivate individuals to stay active and reach their fitness goals. Taking cues from their gamification elements, such as earning badges or competing with friends, can enhance engagement and increase bookings at your studio as you get creative with milestones and create a sense of community around wellness. Develop a challenge, reward your clients with studio swag for achievements, a leaderboard for monthly classes taken—the options are endless! 

3. Promotion of mind/body connection

Apple is talking about this connection (which you know is no secret) by providing tools and reminders for mindfulness practices. Use this functionality on your client's devices as an advantage at your studio by encouraging your community to be present and focus on their mental state. Think about how you can weave the emphasis on mind/body connection to create marketing campaigns and new class and appointment offerings on your studio schedule, increasing engagement and keeping your fitness business top-of-mind while impacting retention, revenue, and staying relevant. 

4. Differentiation and competitive advantage

When your clients can see health and wellness stats directly on their Apple device, it’s naturally something they want to explore and likely expand on. This is an opportunity for your fitness studio to differentiate itself in a competitive market. By incorporating mindfulness practices into your offerings, your studio can attract individuals who prioritize mental well-being and seek a more comprehensive fitness experience. It allows your business to stand out from competitors focusing solely on physical fitness, potentially attracting a broader range of clients and deepening your client connection to your brand. 

5. Desire for personalized experiences and communication

Personalized interactions are what consumers want, and Apple’s health-related experiences further tout the trend that’s here to stay. Your studio can leverage this craving for personalization through strategic marketing automations and messaging automatically tailored to individual clients—without an added effort! Walla’s built-in Marketing Suite makes it easy! You can also explore adding private (or smaller group) wellness-based appointments to your studio schedule or offer exclusive classes that explore physical exercise with mindfulness practices, allowing your clients to access high-quality experiences in-house and bring their desire for mental and emotional wellness to real life. 

6. Overall widespread shift in well-being focus

Apple is highlighting a shift towards a more comprehensive approach to fitness and well-being. Their functionality encourages users to view fitness not just as physical exertion but as an encompassing practice that nurtures both the body and mind. Empowering your studio messaging, services, and programs with this holistic approach can cater to individuals seeking a more well-rounded and mindful fitness experience.

Even though Apple is weaving new elements of health into its products, studios are the real-life, attainable resource that consumers can put their well-being into practice. Embracing the growing trend of mindfulness and adapting your studio offerings accordingly enables you to be well-positioned to meet the evolving needs and preferences of individuals seeking a holistic approach to health and fitness.

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