November 2, 2023

Boost Bookings and Class Schedule with Walla's Class Analysis Report

Propel studio success with informed schedule decisions that your clients will want to book using Walla's studio management software to simplify the process.

Boost Bookings and Class Schedule with Walla's Class Analysis Report

Think about how you book any self-care appointment in your life. It always comes down to, yes, the high-quality experience, but also convenience, availability—and who the person is performing your service. Raise your hand if you have your hair colorist on speed dial! So, when mapping out your studio schedule, very similar elements apply. Popularity, time of day, price point, accessibility, class or appointment type, and instructor. (And Walla’s Teacher Ranking Report makes it super-easy to see who your rockstars are or aren't.) But what’s the best way to make informed decisions about your studio scheduling strategy without wasting time, money, or resources?

Walla’s Class Analysis Report. 

While this may not be a new insights indicator to you or your staff, consider this a reminder of how influential the Class Analysis Report can be, especially as you round out the year and tackle the new year new student rush. This report helps you determine what classes are your money makers, gauging client interest and booking trends. You can instantly get an educated overview or in-depth look at the details for every class at your studio over a period of time, from analyzing revenue, profit, check-ins, and fill rates to seeing what classes are exceeding goals. And while not every class might not be schedule perfection (hey, it happens!), the Class Analysis Report gives you accurate insights, enabling you to make smarter, more strategic scheduling decisions. That could include what class type and time can be updated, combined, or eliminated. 

At its core, understanding class performance helps you tailor your offerings to what your clients actually want. Plus, it keeps your business healthy and thriving. Now, here’s why tapping into class data on the regular with the Class Analysis Report can easily improve your profitability, client traffic, and your bottom line. 

1. Student satisfaction: Studio community loyalty

Knowing which classes resonate with your clients helps you keep them happy. Happy clients are not just repeat customers; they're your biggest advocates. They fill the classes and bring in friends, family, and naturally instigate positive word-of-mouth, laying the foundation for organic growth.

2. Optimized schedule: Taking an honest look at booking trends

Understanding class performance allows you to fine-tune your studio schedule. If the 6 a.m. Slow Flow class is consistently packed, but the 3 p.m. Heated Scuplt class struggles to meet capacity; it's time to reconsider your time slots. It's about giving your clients what they want when it works best for them. And sometimes that takes some scheduling trial and error.

3. Resource allocation: Budget-friendly mindset 

 Like in many industries, time and resources are precious. By analyzing class performance with the Class Analysis Report, you can allocate instructors and studio space more efficiently and effectively. Invest more in popular classes, perhaps bringing in top-notch teachers or upgrading equipment while minimizing resources for underperforming ones.

4. Marketing strategy: Power in promotion

 Tailor your marketing efforts based on what works. If HIIT classes are a hit, share it on all digital platforms, including social media. Don’t be afraid to tout what your clients love—and your studio excels at. Understanding your strengths allows you to showcase them, attracting more clients who are inclined toward what makes your studio stand out.

5. Adaptability to trends: Flexibility is your best friend

 Fitness trends are always evolving. (Sometimes faster than a TikTok fad!) Being in tune with class performance helps you spot emerging trends early and give your schedule a little variety. Whether it's a new workout style, equipment, or wellness approach, you can adapt swiftly, staying ahead of the curve and keeping your clients engaged and excited.

6. Financial health: Building a profitable schedule 

 Let's talk numbers. Successful classes mean a healthier bottom line. It's not just about revenue; it's about profit margins. Understanding the financial performance of each class ensures that your business isn't just bustling; it's thriving sustainably.

7. Community building: Acknowledging client wants and needs

A fitness studio is more than a place to exercise—it's a community. That’s what keeps your classes full. Understanding class performance fosters a sense of care and community by showing that you listen, care, and actively shape the fitness journey of your clients. It's a shared experience, and that builds loyalty when your clients can have a say in your studio schedule. 

8. Instructor development: Tapping into your teachers 

Your instructors are the heartbeat of your studio. They influence retention and, ultimately, revenue. By understanding which instructors and class types resonate most with your clients, you can invest in the development of your team. This not only enhances the quality of your classes but also fosters a positive and motivated staff highlighted by the types of teachers your clients want.

9. Competitive edge: Instantly help your studio standout 

 In a saturated fitness and wellness market, differentiation is vital. Understanding what makes your fitness classes the star of the show and leveraging that uniqueness gives you a competitive edge. It's not just about keeping up; it's about leading the pack—and using your best classes to amplify your schedule and studio offerings. 

10. Long-term viability: Schedule sustainability

Growth is a long-ball play. Understanding class performance isn't just about short-term success; it's about ensuring the long-term viability of your fitness studio with a schedule that continually evolves, one successful class at a time.

With Walla’s Class Analysis Report, you’re instantly setting your studio up for success as we empower you to make more informed, time-saving schedule decisions.

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