July 6, 2023

10 Strategies to Boost Member Retention and Strengthen Your Studio

Learn the 10 strategies to boost member retention and strengthen your studio. It starts saving time, eliminating old data, and giving your clients a better experience.

10 Strategies to Boost Member Retention and Strengthen Your Studio

One of the best ways to maintain sustainable profitability at your fitness studio while keeping your classes full? Member retention. Engaged clients and members are more likely to stay committed to their routine at your studio, boosting loyalty, reducing churn, and increasing word-of-mouth marketing, which gets new prospects that fit your demographic through your studio door. A solid client base is vital to growth and attendance—and when they are fully engaged with your brand, you can leverage easy and relatable upsell strategies and opportunities. Plus, the long-term members you retain are great resources for feedback and improvement within your fitness business. 

Here are ten effective ways to enhance member engagement as your studio earns more, builds a stronger community, and creates a nurturing environment of positivity, growth, and success. 


1. Offer diverse class options

You always want your studio to be relatable and relevant, right? (It’s what keeps your clients excited!) Provide a wide range of fitness classes that cater to different interests, skill levels, and goals, including popular options that complement your current studio offerings—like yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), dance fitness, strength training, and more. Regularly introduce new classes to your schedule to keep things fresh and exciting, and consider adding unique fitness experiences that align with the time of year, for example.  


2. Implement challenges and competitions

Organize fitness challenges, competitions, or team events, encouraging friendly competition and camaraderie among your studio members. Maybe it’s a summer heat challenge to see who takes the most classes in 30 days? Or group challenges to complete specific fitness goals. By recognizing and rewarding participants to keep motivation high, you’ll organically foster an environment of success and deepen the connection between your studio and your client community. 


3. Personalize the experience

It’s no secret: Personalizing studio touchpoints and interactions is vital to fostering member retention by getting to know your clients individually. Walla makes it easy to access and collect information about their goals, preferences, and personality types when they become a member. Use this information to provide tailored recommendations and communication, track their progress, and offer personalized support.


4. Create a community-centric atmosphere 

At its very core, your members come back to your studio, yes, for the fitness and wellness benefits, but also for the community your business instigates and creates. Encourage members to interact and connect through social events, workshops, or online platforms. Consider creating a members-only online community or social media group where they can share their experiences, offer support, and motivate one another, building better relationships inside and outside of your studio walls. 


5. Provide education and workshops

Want to improve member retention and differentiate your studio from the competition? Try organizing educational workshops, seminars, or guest speaker events related to fitness, nutrition, mental wellness, or other relevant topics. This not only helps clients gain knowledge but also demonstrates your commitment to their overall well-being.


6. Leverage rewards and incentives 

Implement a reward system that recognizes and rewards member loyalty and milestones, like guest passes or exclusive access to special events. By showing appreciation for an individual member's commitment to your studio, you are reiterating that they are an essential part of your community. And it doesn’t hurt that they might bring a friend to class!


7. Communicate regularly

Maintain regular communication with your members through various channels so your studio stays top of mind! Send newsletters, targeted and personalized emails, weekly updates, or monthly calendars to inform them about upcoming events, new classes, and special promotions. Utilize email marketing, text messages, push notifications, and Walla’s mobile app announcements to stay connected and share pertinent (and exciting) studio information.


8. High-quality, personalized experiences

Offer training programs, appointments, and fitness and wellness experiences tailored to individual members' goals, fitness levels, and preferences. A personalized approach enhances member engagement and helps them achieve their desired results. It enables your studio to showcase intimate one-on-one or small group sessions where your staff can focus on their specific needs while helping your business tap into a new revenue stream. 


9. Partner with local charities

Who doesn’t love to give back? Collaborate with local charities, such as food kitchens, pet shelters, and more, to offer exclusive classes and events to your members where their donations and participation will go to a good cause. This partnership benefits both your members and the local community while increasing member engagement by providing additional value outside of the studio—and deepening their connection to your studio mission.


10. Member feedback and surveys

Regularly seek feedback from your members to understand their evolving needs and preferences. The best way to make them know their opinion counts and they have a voice in your studio evolution. Conduct surveys, focus groups, or feedback sessions to gather insights on their satisfaction levels, class preferences, or suggestions for improvement. And when you act upon their feedback whenever possible, you will show that what they say truly matters.

Client engagement is a continuous process, and it's important to adapt your strategies based on the evolving needs of your members. By implementing these strategies, you can create a vibrant and engaged community within your fitness studio, increasing satisfaction, retention, and profitability.


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