April 13, 2023

Easily Edit Classes and Plans in Seconds and Keep Your Studio Details and Experiences Exciting and Up-to-Date

Single classes or the whole series, see how the editing experience in Walla can save you time!

Easily Edit Classes and Plans in Seconds and Keep Your Studio Details and Experiences Exciting and Up-to-Date

As a busy studio owner, schedules change, classes change—and your plan offerings might pivot. And when you are trying to keep up with client demand, real-time feedback, and capture new prospect attention, especially in a pandemic-adapted environment where spending on wellness continues to increase, you need to continually optimize your studio offerings. Without spending a ton of time behind the scenes. So how is Walla helping you update your studio offerings instantly in real time?

It’s all about the editing features and simplifying how you and your staff can make changes to classes and plans, whether it’s a single instance or bulk. 


Analyze and edit individual class start times or all instances at once  

Client schedules are constantly evolving. Working from home, hybrid employment—attending “traditional” class times has waivered. The 9-5 work schedule is out, and flexibility is in. Suppose you are analyzing your Class Analysis and Class Attendance reporting in Walla and noticing trends in specific class capacity based on class start time. In that case, you can easily make changes directly from the class instance on your studio schedule. Just choose the class and decide if you want to update that individual instance or all future instances. And the best part? You don’t need to go through your studio schedule to confirm. Walla will take care of the details for you and automatically update the widget and app; just remember to communicate the change(s) to your clients! 

Tip: Talk to your clients if you need extra class time change confidence. Maybe your 7 am Vinyasa Flow will get more attendance at 8 am since more of your community isn’t commuting as much. Not only will they feel included and empowered to voice their opinion, but you are also strengthening relationships at your studio by showing you are listening. 


Optimize class details and settings—and add livestream to give your clients options. 

Want to increase (or decrease) class capacity? Interested in getting creative or giving additional clarity around a class name? From updating a class price to duration, dates, and instructor information, you or your staff can edit a class that is currently on your schedule in seconds. You can test if a new class name for the same workout or experience influences new bookings and offer your clients options by adding and individually pricing livestream as an option. Plus, all changes will be automatically saved across present and future class(e)s. 

Tip: Adding livestream to a current class on your schedule gives your studio an additional revenue stream and marketing opportunity to engage existing clients and attract new prospects looking for options to find fitness wherever they are. You can also create and sell hybrid plans that allow clients to book a mix of in-person and at-home classes, targeting the lasting consumer trends of having ultimate booking flexibility.


Earn more and instantly make changes to existing and future plans 

The economy fluctuates, which can impact how our clients spend and the value of your studio plans, ultimately impacting your bottom line. And you want to ensure you’re selling memberships for what they are truly worth. Changing plan pricing used to seem like an hours-long project, but with Walla, you can simply choose to change the price of any plan and decide whether you want the new pricing to apply to all existing accounts (which will become effective on the next billing cycle) or all future plan purchases. 

Tip: Remember to be strategic with how and why you update a plan price, and be sure to communicate it with your clients if they currently have that plan so there are no surprises the next time they are billed. Try being proactive and talking about the monetary change promptly. Simply explain the why behind the changes and reiterate the worth, which they will surely understand as a loyal studio customer. 


Show your clients some love by adding guest passes to plans 

Fitness and wellness experiences are always more fun with friends and family (especially during the summer months!), so why not offer guest passes with plans? You can seamlessly add guest passes to any plan, including pre-existing memberships, which can encourage clients to keep coming back—and increase word-of-mouth referrals and marketing. And when clients get a perk like guest passes with their plan, they will embrace the added value and bring new, warm leads through your studio door! You can also edit the quantity and add guest passes at any time! 

Tip: Want to nurture new guests after a client brings them to class? The new layout of Walla’s Contacts tab enables you to filter by “Guest Only” information. You can strategically target the individuals who came in via guest pass, allowing you to engage. At the same time, your studio is top-of-mind and upsell them an intro offer while establishing a meaningful connection.    


Quickly pivot your plan sales strategy by including livestream to cover different scenarios 

Wild weather, studio closure, booking options—Walla makes adding livestream to any plan your studio sells super simple. Like with classes, you empower clients to choose what classes they have access to and where they can participate if something prevents them from entering the studio. You’re giving them the power to choose their preferred attendance and adding another offering to their membership, which is always a bonus for retention and revenue. 

Tip: When adding livestream to a plan, utilize Walla App Announcements to share the update with your clients. As a preferred booking method for clients, our app provides a consolidated place for studio communication. When booking a class or looking at their account details on their mobile device, they will see the information, especially if there’s a weather-related incident, but they still want to book and take a class. 

Customer retention is the key

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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