November 16, 2023

How to Use Direct Links to Sell More and Save Time This Holiday Season

Give your clients an easier buying experience and a better way for your staff to promote your studio offerings!

How to Use Direct Links to Sell More and Save Time This Holiday Season

During the busy holiday buying and gift-giving season, consumers, your clients, are looking for deals, unique experiences, and, yes, an escape from the fast-paced end-of-year push. Whether they want to buy their best friend a membership to your fitness business, book themselves a sound bath to destress, HIIT session to sweat it out or enroll in a studio community fitness challenge, enabling your members to book and buy what they want quickly is key to standing out during the holiday season. And well into the new year. But what’s the best way for you and your staff to promote individual studio offerings via a seamless purchasing flow? Direct links! 

Having direct links for clients to book and buy at your studio eliminates unnecessary steps, streamlining the process and making it quick and easy for clients to access classes, plans, and enrollments. It's all about convenience and efficiency, especially when you have their attention for less than eight seconds. (You can cut that time almost in half during the busy holiday season).  Plus, it shows that you value your member's time and want to make their digital, branded experience as smooth as possible from wherever they are!

At its foundation, direct links are short, user-friendly links you can easily create, copy, and paste for plans, classes, and enrollments that directly take your clients and leads to where you want them to go. You’re eliminating the searching and second-guessing step. So why are they a helpful selling and marketing tactic during the holiday season? Whether you’re trying to promote a discounted plan special, themed class, winter wellness workshop, or more, direct links allow you and your staff to instantly share what you want to sell when you want to market it. Simple and straightforward. 

Some of the best ways to utilize direct links at your studio (and we are talking about weaving them into all that organic and paid holiday marketing) include:   

  • Social media channels: Your brands, instructors, partners, ambassadors—you name it! Easily add a direct link to an Instagram story, for example, with a picture, GIF, or graphic to call attention and drive to a direct destination. 
  • Newsletters and emails: Engage clients and leads via their inboxes with compelling, promotional content that captures their interest and makes buying a breeze. 
  • App announcements: Place direct links exactly where your clients prefer to book: on the Walla app or your branded app!
  • QR codes: Allow your clients to use their smartphone, tap and buy!

Now that you know how direct links can be an immediate way to increase conversions and revenue, here’s why promotion and purchasing simplicity are essential during the holiday season—all thanks to direct links!

It’s all about time saved. 

The holiday season inherently puts constraints on time. Offering a streamlined process for purchasing and booking utilizing direct links acknowledges the value of their time.

Mitigating seasonal stress.

The end of the year? It often brings your clients an elevated level of stress. It could be the pressure of what to book for themselves; minimizing unnecessary complexities allows your clients to focus on the significance of the holiday season rather than the transactional intricacies.

Digital efficiency is a necessity.

In the digital age, efficiency, and high-quality branded interactions are expected. Direct links for booking and purchasing serve as a functional necessity, aligning with the standards of a seamless online experience.

The significance of an easy buying and booking experience with direct links, especially during the holidays, illustrates ultimate sales and marketing convenience. And at the end of the day, it saves you and your clients time—one of the best gifts! 

Here’s how to create a direct link for plans, direct links for classes,  and how to find and create direct links for enrollments 

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