November 16, 2023

Last-Minute Tactics to Maximize Studio Profits this Holiday Season

Not ready for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday? We’ve got you covered!

Last-Minute Tactics to Maximize Studio Profits this Holiday Season

Welcome to the much-anticipated season of deals, promotions, and discounts. It’s no secret, everyone loves a good deal, but as a studio owner, you want to make sure what you advertise and use to attract new clients doesn’t devalue your brand. You want to strike a balance between your high-quality fitness offerings while creating a sense of urgency. 

While some businesses plan their holiday marketing and sales strategies long before November hits, some of us find inspiration (and productivity) more at the last minute. So what can you do on a deadline to stay competitive, boost revenue, and build deeper relationships with your members on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and well through the holiday season? 

Here are our top strategies tailored for fitness studio owners to achieve success:

Black Friday for boutique fitness studios 

1. Early bird fitness classes

In-studio or livestream, consider creating a dynamic, limited schedule of early-morning fitness classes exclusively for Black Friday. Promote these last-minute sessions via your website, social media, app announcements, and more as a refreshing way to kickstart the holiday weekend, providing participants with a discounted rate as an incentive to prioritize wellness with you! 

2. Exclusive membership bundles

Design membership bundles that offer a flexible fitness experience at your studio that keeps them engaged. Include a mix of hybrid classes to fit even the busiest holiday schedule. This increases immediate revenue and encourages ongoing commitment from members seeking convenience so they can stay committed to their goals.

3. Flash sales on specialty classes and appointments

Identify unique or trending fitness classes and designate specific time slots for flash sales on Black Friday. Utilizing this strategy introduces members of all levels to new and exciting fitness experiences they have been tempted to try but may not work for their budget. It also creates a sense of urgency, driving them to try something different and get out of their comfort zone without a huge monetary investment.

4. In-studio retail discounts

Enhance the in-studio experience by offering Black Friday discounts on merchandise. Collaborate with local designers, artisans, and vendors for an exclusive shopping experience. The goal is to create a sense of community and identity among members who can proudly support and showcase their dedication to your studio and community. It’s also a great excuse to clean out older studio merch and make room for new branded items in the new year!

5. Exclusive in-person workshops

Elevate the Black Friday experience by organizing limited and exciting in-person fitness and wellness workshop. Consider promoting your workshops and event(s) as a break from the holiday rush and unique opportunities for members to deepen their knowledge, refine their techniques, and relax. Tap into your top instructors and resources, but add something extra, like a yoga handstand workshop followed by a sound bath. 

Small Business Saturday boutique fitness studios 

1. Community fitness and wellness challenge

Foster a sense of togetherness by organizing a Small Business Saturday challenge. Create a challenge that encourages participants to bring friends and family, emphasizing the communal aspect of your studio. Consider incorporating local businesses as sponsors or collaborators for added support—and don’t be afraid to get creative with your challenge (like yoga + meditation) and offer branded rewards. 

2. Loyalty rewards for your regulars 

Express gratitude to your loyal members on Small Business Saturday. Offer exclusive loyalty rewards, discounts, swag bags, and more, like additional class credits, VIP access to your studio’s holiday event, or even a personalized 1:1 fitness experience with you! This acknowledges their commitment, shows gratitude and enhances their overall experience.

3. Personal trainer collaborations

Strengthen your seasonal offerings by collaborating with local personal trainers. Create joint promotions that combine studio classes with personalized training sessions. Promoting a strategic partnership not only expands your service portfolio but also introduces members to specialized fitness expertise that benefits their overall well-being.

4. Local wellness partnerships

 Build and nurture partnerships with local businesses that align with your member demographic—and their goals. Collaborate with the neighborhood smoothie shop, organic markets, and/or wellness centers for joint promotions. Offer exclusive discounts encouraging members to explore and support other health-focused establishments in your community. It’s a win for your studio traffic and a win for organically supporting other businesses in your area.

5. Limited-edition studio merchandise

Enhance the exclusivity of Small Business Saturday by introducing limited-edition studio merchandise. So, where do you start on a deadline? Try a local printer! This could include specially designed workout apparel, equipment, or accessories. Highlight the limited availability of these items to create a sense of urgency among members to secure these unique collectibles.

Cyber Monday for boutique fitness studios 

1. Online class memberships

Tap into the growing demand for online fitness flexibility by offering discounted online class memberships on Cyber Monday. Provide a variety of virtual classes that cater to different fitness preferences, making it accessible for individuals who prefer to work out at home or cannot attend in-person classes regularly.

2. Virtual 1:1 training packages

Recognize the trend of virtual fitness, re-engage clients who haven’t come back to the studio lately, and market special rates for virtual individual training packages. Provide personalized training sessions that participants can access from the comfort of their homes. You’ll open up new revenue streams and based on performance, can test offering this type of training in-studio in the new year. 

3. Gift card bonuses

Encourage the spirit of gift-giving by offering gift cards with bonuses (like merchandise, additional gift cards, free class, etc,) on Cyber Monday. This not only provides existing members with an opportunity to gift fitness experiences to friends and family but also attracts new individuals to your studio.

4. Email campaigns with Cyber Monday countdown

Build anticipation leading up to Cyber Monday with a series of engaging email campaigns. Implement a countdown that teases exclusive deals, offers sneak peeks into virtual classes or exclusive fitness sessions and encourages recipients to set aside time for their fitness goals during the holiday season.

By integrating these in-depth strategies, you can maximize profits during the holiday weekend and beyond—even if it’s on a deadline—but also strengthen their relationships with existing members and attract new enthusiasts to your unique fitness offerings. Your studio differentiators which is defined by your community. Adapt these tactics to fit your studio's ethos and your target audience's preferences and you’ll see success and attract the clients you want.

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