April 4, 2024

Maximize Studio Efficiency: How Walla's Sub Management Enhances Staff Management, Accountability, and Productivity

Eliminate administrative tasks, automate work, and keep your classes covered without missing a beat!

Maximize Studio Efficiency: How Walla's Sub Management Enhances Staff Management, Accountability, and Productivity

In the dynamic environment of your fitness studio, maintaining smooth operations while managing staff can often become a logistical challenge. From having all your classes covered to multiple instructors requesting vacation on the same dates, keeping a pulse on your instructors (and when they need time off) is crucial to a consistent schedule—and consistent communication around coverage. And if you miss an email or note when your top instructor is taking off to Europe, you can find yourself in a scheduling scramble. There’s no need to stress subbing, though, because there’s a better way with Walla’s innovative sub management feature. 

Whether you’re already reaping the benefits of Walla’s sub management or are ready to finally save time and say goodbye to missed notifications, our sub management “magic” is a comprehensive and reliable solution to streamline staff management, boost accountability, and enhance overall productivity. By automating the process of finding replacements, Walla alleviates the burden on managers and studio owners, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of running your studio. Ensuring classes are always adequately staffed while significantly reducing time, effort, and a scheduling headache. 

One of the primary benefits of Walla's sub management feature is its ability to maintain consistency in class schedules. By swiftly and seamlessly assigning substitute instructors, you can feel confident that your clients are receiving the high-quality studio experience they expect— even in unforeseen circumstances, like a last-minute instructor absence. This reliability contributes to overall satisfaction and retention, ultimately boosting your studio’s reputation. 

So, what else can automating sub management do for your studio and schedule? And how does it impact staff management? Let’s dive into the details! 

Instant information: Efficient sub request handling

Never miss or second-guess an instructor sub request again. With Walla's sub management feature, you have full control to approve or deny requests promptly. You stay updated in real-time without missing any messages or conversations through targeted communication and automatic notifications. This streamlined process ensures errors or missed connections are avoided, which is particularly beneficial during periods of high activity, such as adding new teachers, managing multiple locations, reevaluating schedule strategies, or opening a new studio space.

One place: Centralized communication hub

Enjoy the convenience of a single platform for all sub communication. Located under the Staff Center tab in the primary side navigation, Walla's sub management provides a concise overview of all open, pending, and approved sub requests categorized by month, class, location, and instructor. A single overview lets you quickly identify outstanding requests, enabling proactive action and preventing last-minute panic. Additionally, you can add new requests and customize communication preferences. Automatic alerts for unanswered and unassigned requests within 48 hours of class time ensure timely responses.

Every minute counts: Time-saving simplification

Say goodbye to manual class substitution management (and all those extra admin tasks). Walla's sub management streamlines the process, eliminating the need to search multiple resources to find available substitutes. Whether it's planned absences like vacations or leaves, emergencies, sick leaves, or permanent replacements, Walla's mobile-friendly platform simplifies the process. Confirming substitute instructors automatically updates your studio schedule, ensuring clients are always informed of schedule changes.

Always accountable: Empowering instructors and boosting reliability

Walla's sub management empowers instructors by allowing them to find, review, and select classes they want to teach. Instructors can volunteer for opportunities, and interested instructors can promptly confirm availability. This process not only fosters reliability among your staff members but also builds a stronger sense of community and camaraderie within the studio. Relationships are nurtured, and a positive internal work culture is cultivated.

Did you know?

You can easily create a special sub rate in Walla!

Do you want to reward instructors for filling in for a specific class? Want to incentivize subbing? Here’s how:

  • In Walla, select Staff Center > Pay Rates > + Add New Pay Rate
  • Fill out details, including Base Pay (like Flat Rate), Bonus Rate and Maximum Pay
  • When you go to Class Schedule > … (three dots) > Change Instructor, you can instantly link the new sub bonus pay rate that you established!
Watch this Loom to learn more!

Room to breathe: Preventing burnout and offering fresh perspectives

Automated sub management helps manage instructors and empowers staff to proactively request substitutes when needed, preventing burnout. Additionally, it introduces clients to a fresh take on their workout and wellness by allowing them to experience classes with different instructors. Variety prevents monotony and encourages clients to explore new classes and experience new teachers, enhancing their overall connection to your studio.

Eliminating chaos: Ensuring continuity and enhancing the studio experience 

Walla's sub management feature ensures classes always continue without interruption or last-minute cancellations. By establishing an explicit request and approval process, every staff member aligns on expectations, contributing to operational efficiency and sustainable success. Clients benefit from reliable in-person and virtual fitness experiences, deepening their loyalty to your studio.

Walla’s sub management aligns with streamlining staff management at your studio—which is crucial for optimizing operations and fostering a work environment that promotes productivity, reliability, and accountability. Here’s how:

1. Efficient resource allocation 

A streamlined staff management system ensures that resources, including human capital, are utilized optimally. By clearly understanding staff availability, skills, and preferences, managers can assign tasks and shifts more effectively. This reduces instances of overstaffing or understaffing, which can lead to wasted resources or compromised service quality. 

2. Improved scheduling practices

Centralizing staff management processes with features like automated sub management enables your studio to implement more efficient scheduling practices. With access to comprehensive scheduling tools in Walla, managers can create well-balanced schedules that align with the studio's needs and staff preferences. By minimizing scheduling conflicts and ensuring adequate coverage during peak hours, your studio can maintain smooth operations and deliver consistent service to all members, fostering trust and boosting retention.

3. Reliable communication channels

Streamlining staff management facilitates clearer communication channels within your studio. By centralizing everything in Walla, owners and managers can efficiently disseminate important information to all staff members, such as shift schedules, task assignments, and policy updates. Clear communication promotes accountability, as staff members have a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, open lines of communication enable staff to raise concerns or suggest improvements, instigating a collaborative and engaged work environment.

4. Agile response to changes

In a dynamic environment like your fitness studio, unexpected changes can occur frequently. It’s just part of running your business. A streamlined staff management system supported by Walla empowers managers to respond quickly and effectively to such changes. Whether it's a last-minute instructor substitution or a personal emergency, efficient processes ensure your studio can adapt seamlessly without disrupting operations. This agility enhances reliability as clients can trust that their fitness routines will proceed smoothly, regardless of unforeseen circumstances.

5. Data-driven decision making

Implementing streamlined staff management practices often involves leveraging technology and data analytics—like Walla’s Instructor Stats! Owners and managers gain valuable insights that inform decision-making by collecting and analyzing staff performance, attendance, and productivity data. For example, analyzing attendance patterns may reveal opportunities to adjust staffing levels or schedules to better align with client demand. Similarly, performance metrics can identify areas for staff training or development, improving overall effectiveness and accountability.

Integrating Walla's sub management feature into your fitness studio's operations yields multifaceted benefits extending far beyond scheduling logistics. From simplifying staff management and fortifying accountability to maximizing productivity levels, Walla's innovative solution equips studio owners and managers with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. 

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