April 6, 2023

4 Ways Walla’s No-Show and Late Cancelation Settings Save Time and Streamline Studio Policies and Fees

Keep track of no-shows and late cancelations and get real-time reporting without second-guessing if a client is charged or your data is right.

4 Ways Walla’s No-Show and Late Cancelation Settings Save Time and Streamline Studio Policies and Fees

Keeping track of and collecting no-show and late cancelation fees at your studio should be straightforward. And when you’re running a busy fitness studio with limited spots, waitlists, and advanced bookings, having your policies dialed in is a must. We’re looking at all the Lagree studios out there, too! But so is having flexibility because, well, life happens, and you want to keep your classes and appointments full and your clients happy—ultimately impacting retention and revenue!  

That’s why we’ve streamlined and optimized the no-show and late cancelation experience in Walla, eliminating the need to worry about the details and empowering you to make changes instantly. A delicate balance between collecting what is owed and understanding when something conflicts, and last-minute delays come up. So what features on our platform make managing client cancelations easy and enable you to see trends regarding studio bookings and attendance? 

Whether you’re looking to update existing policies, analyze reporting, or rethink fees, here are our top four reasons why modern studio management is all about Walla’s no-show and late cancellation functionality!  

It’s your choice: Customize exactly how you want to refund your clients 


Unlike many other platforms, Walla allows you to determine precisely how you want to handle no-show and late cancelation refunds across your fitness business. Original payment or account balance, you can decide how your studio processes refunds when a client doesn’t show up for their booking at your studio. And if, at any point in time, you want to update how refunds are handled, it’s a quick and easy change under your Walla Business Settings. 

Freedom and flexibility: We give you 24 hours in case you want to change or reverse charges


Loyal client with a last-minute work deadline or a new member notorious for canceling five minutes before class begins, Walla’s no-show and late cancelation fee collection doesn’t happen until 24 hours after the class or appointment start time. The delay in processing gives your front desk and staff a chance to edit or change the charge pending the no-show and late cancelation circumstance without the financial headache or back and forth with your clients. We will automatically collect the fee after 24 hours if no update is needed. You don’t need to worry or wonder if the client was penalized according to your studio policy.

All in one place: Edit penalties right from the class roster and appointment schedule 


At Walla, we make it easy to review and edit no-shows and late cancelations penalties directly from classes and individual appointments. When you select a class under the Schedule on the main navigation, you can access the roster and the Late Cancelations & Client No-Shows tab. From there, you can see the clients who canceled or no-showed outside of your predetermined studio policy and click on the three-dot icon to the right of their name to edit the penalty directly from that page. And when you select an appointment from the Appointment Schedule on the main navigation and click Cancel under the appointment details, you can review and edit the type of cancelation and penalty. Plus, you can easily see a client's no-show and late cancelation history under the booking tab of their contact profile! 

It all adds up: Easy-to-understand, accurate reporting for no-show/late cancelation data


You can easily see data, metrics, and trends in the Report Center of Walla thanks to the No-Show/Late Cancel Report under both classes and appointments. Featuring filters that include status, type, and location, these reports act as an overview and summary of all no-shows and late cancellations at your studio across different types of fitness and wellness experiences while also taking action on clients who still fall within the 24-hour penalty window mentioned above. These reports also allow you to edit no-show/late cancel fees individually to accurately reflect your studio performance numbers.  

Simplifying your studio’s overall no-show and late cancelation policy not only helps to discourage clients from missing their class or appointment but also helps them stay accountable while allowing your studio to automate how and when your fees are collected. Walla is reducing the adverse impact of late cancelations on your studio, helping to keep your classes full, and giving you the confidence that you’ll never miss a no-show again! 

Customer retention is the key

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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