June 15, 2023

The Joy of Walla Journeys: Personalize Client Interactions for Better Engagement

Increase conversions and keep your studio top-of-mind with the right message at the right time.

The Joy of Walla Journeys: Personalize Client Interactions for Better Engagement

New clients or long-term members—who, how, and when you communicate with your studio community can be a differentiating factor in profitability and retention. And utilizing marketing messaging that lands at every point in their studio journey is crucial to staying competitive, ultimately improving conversion rates and impacting meaningful, action-oriented engagement. With Walla’s all-new, built-in Marketing Suite features, we are leveraging personalization to equip your fitness business with the tools to nurture relationships using the right messaging at the right time, giving you (and your staff) the confidence to market, sell, and create deeper client relationships. One way we are doing this? Journeys! 

“Walla’s Journeys give you complete customization over your clients' individual messaging experience,” says Laura Munkholm, President and Co-founder of Walla. “We let you get as granular as a personality type, timeframe, and number of visits with your studio communication—like a sequence for clients labeled as a Giver and in their first month of a membership who have visited at least four times and prefer morning classes. It’s incredible!”

At Walla, we created Journeys so you could easily optimize every marketing path (and campaign) by creating high-performing and engaging communication via perfectly sequenced automations. Journeys empower your studio to streamline messaging individually with accurate data through automated marketing paths tailored to all your studio contacts. Track and see who received, opened, clicked on your messages and view all their profile information in one place, previously impossible with outside marketing platforms! Easily customize multiple email, text, task, and tagging automation touch points with a unified purpose so every contact has a personalized communication experience—whether a more strategic call to action or a primary campaign created to keep your studio top-of-mind.

“You can create a communication Journey that is as simple as a periodic check-in with ClassPass clients who haven't ever made a direct purchase with your business. The data is clear that people prefer communication tailored to them, and we are giving studios a way to do just that,” says Munkholm.

So how can Journeys revolutionize the way you interact with your clients, empowering you to market your studio efficiently and effectively in a competitive industry without using just another add-on or third-party marketing tool?

Targeted recommendations: Track and convert at every step in the studio experience

From intro offer to membership, understanding where a client is in their studio journey allows you to tailor your approach and offerings through your automated messaging. For example, suppose a client purchases a new plan. In that case, you can recommend specific courses, workshops, or resources that help them progress, demonstrating your studio expertise and relevance to their routine. Journeys allows you to create and send pre-set communication that doesn’t overwhelm, but increases upsell opportunities, client engagement, and brand awareness. Again, it’s the right message and the right  suggestion at the right time. 

Deeper brand connection: Celebrate milestones, boost word-of-mouth marketing

Fifth class in a row or 150th yoga flow, Journeys enable you to instantly create and send pre-set, personalized communication that recognizes and celebrates a client milestone that is defined in your Walla Marketing Suite. Yes, timely communication is key, but it also is about acknowledgment and appreciation and fostering brand loyalty to your studio. Your clients will feel the love, which benefits their emotional connection to your brand (naturally increasing their will and want to purchase more and their likelihood of recommending your studio to their friends and family). By creating a Journey that hits specific milestones, you are differentiating your studio from the competitors and encouraging a growth mentality and unique value proposition as you expand your customer base through community connections. 

Stay relevant: Increase retention and revenue with win-back opportunities 

Never let another client slip through the cracks regarding timely communication. By defining groups of automations with Journeys, you can establish parameters around triggered message send with predefined actions so every client is in contact with your studio, especially the individuals whose plan or intro offer has expired, for example. You’ll be able to automatically stay in touch based on their status at your studio—and based on the data—so you don’t have to second-guess if you sent an email or if their information is correct without overwhelming or underwhelming your clients or misjudging where they are at when it comes to bookings and their studio journey. 

Personalize at scale: Optimize every marketing path and touch point for your studio 

Yes, Journeys are about the messaging and timely interactions, but they are also about how your brand looks and feels to your clients—and creating a cohesive branded experience is essential. Walla’s Journeys enables you to send emails and imagery that fits your aesthetic, increasing brand awareness and loyalty with an integrated email builder and modern templates that perform and capture client attention. Our email builder allows you to customize and personalize your messaging at scale, saving you and your staff time while still selling and marketing with your best foot forward. 

Relationship building: Connect with clients at the exact moments it matters most 

Think of how many emails are sent and received every day. In case you were wondering, it’s 347.3 billion! Our phones, inboxes, and social media are inundated with messaging made to get our attention. With Journeys, you can nurture pre-defined audiences and contacts with targeted language that taps into their status, personality, and overall goals at your studio when it counts, helping your studio stand out authentically with relevant communication at the right moment. You’ll nurture your client base while helping your studio grow!

From tracking and converting an individual intro offer to membership, celebrating milestones to instigate brand loyalty, or using win-back opportunities to retain more clients, Walla’s pre-built Journeys enables you to customize client messaging using stacked automations for better, smarter action-oriented engagement. 

Interested in learning more? Get exclusive access to a demo of Walla’s all-new marketing, communication, and engagement features! 

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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