August 10, 2023

15 Reasons Why Newsletters Are a Client Relationship and Retention Builder

Target your clients with the right content at the right time to keep them engaged and your studio top of mind.

15 Reasons Why Newsletters Are a Client Relationship and Retention Builder

Newsletters are a powerful tool and an easy to implement marketing tradition used to educate, inform, connect, and ultimately help your studio grow and sell. While keeping your clients engaged, especially in the short-form social media content era. But sending newsletters are more than just a must-do on your to-do list—they are a foundation for building customer relationships at your fitness studio. 

So how can you ace the newsletter game and boost engagement? It starts with a built-in tool and beautifully branded, responsive templates and implementing newsletter strategies to deepen your studio community connection.      

#1. Regular engagement: Newsletters create a consistent line of communication between your fitness studio and members. Regular updates, whether weekly or monthly, help nurture relationships, promote education, and keep your brand in their minds, ultimately motivating them to browse, book, and buy. 

#2. Value delivery: Newsletters offer a platform to provide helpful content directly to customers' inboxes. This might include workout tips, nutrition advice, and wellness information that demonstrates your expertise and helps clients in their fitness journey.

#3. Personalization: Using customer data, you can tailor your newsletter content to specific segments. For instance, you might send different content to beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Personalization enhances the relevance of your messages—and Walla makes it super easy to create segments so you’re contacting the right client with the right message at the right time. 

#4. Community building: Sharing success stories, client testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your fitness studio humanizes your brand. Customers feel like part of a larger community and develop a stronger emotional attachment, which boosts word of mouth marketing.

#5. Special offers: Promotions exclusively offered through newsletters make subscribers feel valued, enticing your clients to take advantage of deals while  increasing customer loyalty and revenue.

#6. Recognition: Featuring studio members who have achieved fitness milestones in your newsletters shows that you appreciate their efforts, fostering a sense of belonging. It also inspires others to strive for their goals with your studio, keeping them motivated on their fitness and wellness journey.

#7. Event promotion: Newsletters effectively promote upcoming events, workshops, or classes. By inviting clients to participate, you create opportunities for them to engage with your studio beyond regular workouts while helping your studio stand out from the competition. 

#8. Two-way communication: Encouraging members to reply to your newsletters or participate in surveys shows that you value their opinions. Plus, responding to their feedback builds a sense of rapport, helping strengthen their relationship to your studio brand and community.

#9. Transparency: Keeping your clients up-to-date on studio happenings is a surefire way to keep them connected. Informing members about changes in class schedules, or new equipment maintains transparency, building trust and demonstrates that you prioritize their experience.

#10. Inspiration: Sharing motivational content, such as inspirational stories, quotes, wellness tips, or client case studies uplifts your community and associates positive feelings and celebrates a sense of achievement with your studio.

#11. Education: Newsletters can educate customers about fitness-related topics, helping them understand the importance of different exercises, nutrition, and overall wellness, establishing you as a relatable and reliable authority in your industry. 

#12. Anniversaries and milestones: Who doesn’t love to be celebrated? Acknowledging client milestones, like their one-year membership anniversary or 100th class, creates a sense of appreciation.

#13. Interactive content: Incorporating interactive elements like polls, quizzes or social giveaways in your newsletter encourages members to actively engage with your newsletter. By making them want to participate, you’re naturally nurturing their connection with your studio.

#14. Referral incentives: Offering incentives for referring friends through newsletters leverages your existing members to expand your customer base, turning your community into advocates for your brand.

#15. Metrics and improvement: Analyzing metrics like open rates and click-through rates helps you understand the effectiveness of your newsletters. By utilizing a data-driven approach with a platform like Walla, you can refine your strategies for better customer engagement—and so your content and newsletters consistently perform well!

Incorporating these strategies into your newsletters can lead to more meaningful and lasting relationships at your fitness studio while boosting awareness and familiarity with your brand.

Customer retention is the key

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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