Walla Redeem

Lessen the financial burden and share the cost
of credit card processing fees with your clients.

Offset Daily Fees

Consider this a way for your small business to save on fees! Yes, credit cards are an easy, convenient way for your clients to pay, but the impact on your bottom line? It’s costly! Walla Redeem is a feature that allows you to offset the frequent credit card processing fees that quickly add up. This optional feature adds a 3% fee on credit card payments at your studio as part of the total order cost.

Easy Implementation

Did you know merchants paid $126.35 billion in processing fees to accept credit card payments in 2022 (up over 20% from 2021)? Walla directly addresses this common negative monetary challenge—especially for small businesses—without adding any extra work by implementing an automated and compliant surcharge. That means you can recover what was once lost in credit card processing expenses by sharing the fees with your clients on individual transactions instead of increasing class and plan pricing!

How It Works

With Walla Redeem, we completely automate every transaction to collect the shared credit card fee when a client makes a payment. Upon Walla Redeem activation, your processing rate, specifically for credit cards, increases to 4%. So, how can we help you offset that fee specific to credit card transactions (not debit cards or other payment methods)? With the 3% fee added to client purchases, Walla Redeem immediately reduces your processing costs.

Lower your studio’s credit card processing costs to 1%

All while saving you time and eliminating financial fee worry! Plus, consumers are getting more familiar with and comfortable paying and seeing additional fees on their receipts, from restaurant service fees to concert ticket convenience fees. The airline industry introduced baggage fees, which haven’t disappeared, right?

  • Automatic Card Identification
    Walla automatically identifies credit card type at check out and on the cart page (as required by credit card brands)
  • Instant Fee Addition
    Walla calculates and adds a line item called Card Fee with the exact amount under the purchase subtotal for the client
  • Fee Calculation Before Tax
    The fee will be added up before tax, as the tax must encompass the credit card fee—which cannot be waived for individual transactions due to card brand stipulations

Guidelines + Requirements

Enrolling in Walla Redeem and implementing surcharges requires critical rules. And we want to ensure you follow them! Surcharging and sharing credit card fees with clients involves risk and important restrictions, detailed below.

MasterCard's Notification Requirements

These Mastercard requirements mandate using this form 30 days before activating a surcharge program such as Walla Redeem.

If you need assistance with the form, our team is happy to help!

Specific State Permissions

It's important to note that surcharge permissions can vary based on state regulations, regulatory policies, or card network rules. Ensure you acquaint yourself with these regulations.

Card Network Regulations Stipulations

Require the display of clear signage outlining the terms of your surcharge program at both the point of entry at your studio and the point of sale.

Walla can provide starter templates for your use—or you can easily create your own.

Walla Redeem Restrictions

Please be aware and acknowledge that permissions for credit card surcharges may differ based on state regulations or card network rules. It is recommended to consult with a tax professional or local government for additional guidance on whether surcharges are allowed in your area. See below.

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Walla Redeem Restrictions

Strict adherence to various rules, policies, and state-specific laws is essential for credit card surcharging to remain compliant, and failure can result in substantial fines and penalties. Implementing credit card surcharges should be visible and communicated to clients, but can result in client dissatisfaction and more.

By activating Walla Redeem, you recognize and accept that ensuring compliance with all legal and card network obligations, including MasterCard's notification requirements, is solely your responsibility. In addition to card network surcharging rules, merchants must follow federal and state laws specific to surcharging and laws prohibiting deceptive or misleading disclosures. Laws change from time to time and vary by state.

Currently, 10 U.S. states have surcharging restrictions, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas. Additionally, merchants located in Colorado may only surcharge up to 2%.

Please note that the Walla Redeem feature is not available to businesses in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma.