Why Making the Switch to Walla Will Benefit Your Studio—and Your Clients

Raise your hand if you’re dealing with everything from old data to tech outages and unanswered support issues! The past two years have thrown many gym and studio owners an unexpected challenge. But it’s also been a chance to reevaluate business operations, goals, and the software that supports everyday client interactions. And let’s face it, many of us had a realization that something needed to change.

At Walla, we give you a chance to eliminate the tech headaches, run your business with educated ease, and give your staff and clients a user-friendly platform that empowers confidence. So how can a studio and gym management software do this? It starts with time-saving features, an intuitive, modern platform, and a personalized migration experience that makes switching a breeze!

Transferring years of studio data with no downtime.

We understand that your data is valuable. Your client stats and studio information, including credit cards, plan purchases, memberships, instructor pay rates, and class history, remain secure and can be easily transferred to our platform. With Walla, you don’t have to spend endless hours exporting your studio's database—we’ve streamlined the whole process for you! By automating data migration and building features to capture all plans, past visits, credit card data, purchases, and billing details, we not only “clean up” outdated information but safely move data that applies to your business operations. We’ll also help you say goodbye to hundreds of duplicate clients!

“It was super important to us that no data was lost during migration—but at the same time, we wanted to eliminate duplicated and outdated data for a better studio owner and staff experience.”

Matthew Ausonio | CTO | Walla

Hands-on migration experience, start to finish.

Switching software can feel daunting (or scary), but our studio partners can attest that it’s actually much easier and stress-free than what they anticipated. At Walla, we believe making a change should be liberating—giving you the freedom to revitalize your business for a better tomorrow. When you migrate to the Walla platform in a few weeks (not months), it’s not just about getting your data moved over; it’s about providing you with hands-on tools and an onboarding specialist dedicated to your transition. From an in-depth checklist to an easy-to-understand migration guide, our team will make sure you are set up for success at every step, continually sharing knowledge without any studio downtime. You will also receive staff training videos, real-time onboarding calls, customizable client communication suggestions about your software switch, and a site audit so you’re ready to go live. And since Walla’s platform is so intuitive, it will take no time for your staff to learn the backend—and your clients to book and buy classes!

"I can't believe how smooth the migration was! When I spoke with other studios who had gone through migrations to other platforms, they couldn't believe how well it went. We are so happy we made the move."

Jamie Clark | Studio Manager | Seattle Yoga Arts

A better studio management platform that does the heavy lifting for you.

When you transition to Walla, you instantly simplify your studio operations for your staff and clients. With powerful features, including automated reminders, waivers and payment collection (who’s been waiting for automated late cancel and no-show fees?), plan expiration notifications and actionable reporting, making better, faster business decisions becomes a no-brainer. And with customizable intro offer and plan creation, accurately analyze conversion rates without second-guessing. Plus, Walla’s mobile-friendly, modern interface makes it easy to eliminate everyday chaos and find precisely what you are looking for, from an individual instructor pay rate to a client's birthday, or a past payment owed.

Client interactions and touchpoints that elevate your studio brand.

Whether you’re a new yoga studio owner or the first barre studio in your city, your brand and boutique wellness business represent community (and that is something many need in this pandemic-adapted atmosphere). With Walla, we equip you with branded widgets to make your website experience even more intuitive and easy to use—along with our all-new Walla app that highlights only your studio without competitor distractions. Our platform also serves up instant client insights and an industry-first personality quiz so your staff can have more authentic and educated engagement, helping to increase connections and retention with more meaningful interactions. By optimizing your brand experience in simple ways with Walla, you ensure revenue-generating touchpoints are always consistent and convenient wherever your clients are.

So, are you ready to take a leap forward? Schedule a quick chat with our team—and discover a software partner that puts you first.