June 21, 2024

Walla’s Lead Management Tool is Going to Level Up Your Sales Process and Revolutionize Conversions and Communication

Learn how this sales and marketing feature is a revenue-generating and retention game-changer for your studio community and staff.

Walla’s Lead Management Tool is Going to Level Up Your Sales Process and Revolutionize Conversions and Communication

Timing and messaging are crucial for your fitness business when acquiring and converting new clients. From speed and responsiveness that influence increased conversion rates to giving your studio a competitive advantage, your sales and marketing strategies directly impact how your studio and staff respond to and communicate with leads. It’s also heavily affected by the tools you use to engage and execute. Having a simple, straightforward, built-in sales tool that tracks, alerts, and labels your leads directly in your software and makes communication easier than ever? Now, that’s a game changer to profitability, member growth, and optimizing your sales strategy. So, we are introducing an all-new lead management tool in Walla’s Sales and Marketing Center. No third-party or outside integrations needed! 

Located in the fully integrated, updated Walla Sales & Marketing Suite*, our lead management tool redefines how and when you engage with leads—whether you have 30+ locations or one brick-and-mortar studio spot looking to experience growth. This feature is your key to successful scalability and maximizing efficiency at the top of your sales funnel, empowering you and your team/salespeople to take charge of the client acquisition and the lead process, including:

  • Complete clarity into your lead funnel: Meta, referral, organic website traffic, Google—wherever a person landed, whatever channel, see exactly where your leads are coming from and immediately take action. 
  • Attribution, accountability, and productivity: Assign leads to a staff member, instructor, or salesperson (you name it!), making specific leads their responsibility so no one gets lost in the shuffle and ensuring that they follow through and follow up with whoever is assigned to them. 
  • Unparalleled organization: With a complete, holistic view of each lead and its details, including lead creation, source, and activity, features like lead labels allow you to organize without extra administrative work.     
  • Total tracking: With a clean, clear lead list, flow, and view, you’ll have absolute visibility into conversion metrics. Have they taken their first class? Have they converted to an intro offer? What’s the intro offer status? And with this information, your salesperson will be armed for action.  
  • Instant communication, timely details: With an intuitive pop-up, your sales team or staff members can directly text, email, and contact a lead and add notes from a front desk conversation, for example. They can also include important communication details, like a voicemail left, and schedule a time to follow up with that individual.  

At its foundation, Walla’s lead management tool empowers your studio to level up its sales game with some of the industry leaders—the ones who have a complete sales process that leverages many (maybe too many) salespeople. By distilling down the sales and lead process with our tool, we enable studios and fitness franchises of all sizes to have a completely efficient sales system that aligns with the top brands and organizations.

“Our lead management goes beyond just checking the boxes. It ensures no one gets lost or forgotten in the funnel. A significant number of leads show and express interest in your studio and then ultimately get ‘lost’ because they had a moment of intent and something distracted them. Our tool will highlight those individuals, and now you can assign them to somebody on your team responsible for following up with them. It’s a win for engagement, and a win for sales… and ultimately revenue!” - Laura Munkholm, President and Co-founder of Walla

The ability to have the lead management tool running at the same time as your marketing automations means there is nurturing and engagement happening with the goal of driving them into your studio to have that first experience. From there, your studio can work its magic, sell an introductory offer, and move that lead into the member funnel! Plus, with the industry’s best visuals, Walla’s lead management tool is the most straightforward way for your studio to increase conversions while maximizing conversion opportunities and sales strategies for optimal results without needing another system (or another training and tech headache). 

Outside of the benefits of time saved and an all-in-one lead approach within Walla, having a sales tool like this integrated into your studio software is crucial for several reasons:  

Efficiency and productivity: Walla’s lead management tool streamlines the sales process by providing all necessary tools in one place. No matter how big or small your studio is, salespeople and staff members don't need to switch between different applications or platforms, which saves time, reduces errors, and removes missed connections.

Centralized information: At Walla, important fitness business information is all in one place. The built-in lead tool ensures that all contact and lead data, communication histories, and sales activities are centralized. This allows for better coordination among sales teams and other departments, leading to a unified, streamlined approach to future client interactions.

Improved lead and sales process insights: The integrated lead management tool gives you and your team a detailed look into every lead, helping your studio better understand potential client and customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns. With this information, you can tailor your sales strategies and pitches more effectively while personalizing every interaction to their status and journey.

Automation and workflow: The Walla lead management tool automates administrative tasks and tracking capabilities. This type of automation can handle routine tasks and make nurturing leads easier, freeing up whoever is doing your sales and client acquisition to focus on closing deals and building relationships.

Simple scalability: As your studio grows, Walla’s lead management tool allows for scalability and sustainable member growth. You can easily add more users, customize workflows, and integrate with your studio flow without disrupting your existing sales processes—all in one single place.

Collaboration: Walla's lead management tool, built into the studio management software your staff uses daily, makes collaboration among sales team members and other departments at your studio (like marketing or front desk) seamless. Everyone can access real-time information about leads and clients, ensuring a consistent and coordinated approach.

Forecasting and planning: By tracking sales activities and performance metrics within your software, sales managers can make more accurate forecasts and strategic decisions. This data-driven approach helps in planning future sales strategies and setting realistic targets.

*Walla's lead management tool is part of Walla’s Sales & Marketing Suite. If you are interested in upgrading or want to learn more, please visit this link.

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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