Less Stress at the
Front Desk with Fitness Class Management Software

Walla eliminates the tech headache and takes the work out of scheduling, pricing, and building your classes so you can get out from behind the computer and back to being present in the studio.

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Easily Manage and Book a Gym Class More Efficiently

Having confidence in your daily studio operations counts. From messaging customers directly from the class roster to instantly updating account details, Walla empowers accurate, authentic engagement in real-time.

Stay Up-to-Date on Studio Data

Make smarter scheduling decisions, eliminate customer payment issues, and get an all-encompassing view of studio performance each and every day.

  • Proactively review expiring plans and failed payments
  • Quickly identify class capacity rates and averages

Keep Your Gyms Policies Dialed In

Earn more by automatically automating your studio’s fee collection process for late cancelations and no-shows so your classes stay full—and customers stay accountable.

  • Customize exactly how you want to refund members based on preferred parameters
  • Fees are collected 24 hours after class if you want to change or reverse charges

Filter, Categorize, and Track Fitness Business Clients

Status, preferred studio location, number of classes—enable your staff to tag and segment studio members based on precisely where they are in their studio journey.

  • Create color-coded tags so you can send targeted, relevant communication
  • Give your staff accurate insight so they can outline upsell opportunities

Optimize Every Scheduling Decision

Save Time, Eliminate Stress Booking Group Fitness Classes

With automated sub management, we've eliminated the sticky notes and last-minute manual work, ensuring every group fitness class is covered. Walla's scheduling software for fitness businesses will make scheduling classes easier than ever.

  • Get up-to-date, automatic notifications when a sub is needed and approved
  • Allow instructors to find, review, and select classes in a single, concise place 

Confidently Set Clear Expectations with Customers Online

Impact studio retention and revenue with Walla’s Instructor Dashboard, which outlines exact individual performance metrics so you can make more informed scheduling decisions.

  • Instantly analyze demand, profitability, reliability, chemistry, and more
  • Set an informed baseline for instructor performance reviews, raises, and bonuses

Say Goodbye to Complex Pay Rate Problems

Walla’s built-in pay rate features are powerfully intuitive, giving you ultimate flexibility, consistency, and easy-to-read payroll exports.

  • Create and assign as many staff pay rates as needed at your studio
  • Always stay compliant with automatical and accurate payroll distribution

Decide Who (and What) Your Staff Can Access

Whether managing your schedule, updating plan details, or reviewing employee pay rates, Walla makes it easy to assign and edit staff permissions across single and multiple studio locations.

  • Keep specific data private and personalize permissions based on staff role
  • Customize permissions for studio video on demand (VOD) settings

Scale Your Studio With Plans That Sell

From trial incentives to exclusive discounts, credit bundles, and recurring memberships, manage the details of every plan and make changes based on retention and revenue drivers in a single, streamlined place.

Increase Sales With Flexible
Plan Management

In-person, livestream, or both, build plans that sell and convert based on member status, expiration date, and other key customizable details, including exciting perks like guest passes!

  • Automatically change plans for customers and determine if the change is an upgrade, downgrade, or neither
  • Manage the type of access a customer gets with every plan purchase

Maximize Plan Performance

Whether it’s custom plan start dates, early termination penalties, or personalized payment adjustments, easily stay in control of every business detail.

  • Offer special pricing to members to increase client engagement
  • Create custom pause, start, and end dates, and we’ll ensure all pre-payments are accounted for when the plan resumes

Boost Revenue Goals and Retention With Credits

In an ever-changing fitness industry where every studio business experience isn’t created equal, credits help you value, price, and sell classes based on worth to fit any budget.

  • Make your studio more accessible to prospects looking for financial friendly flexibility
  • Tap into a segment of clients who aren’t ready to commit to a membership

Grow Your Client Base, Share Member Benefits

Generate more business revenue by adding guest pass bonuses to premium memberships, increase gym commitment, and eliminate extra workarounds by adding guest passes to any plan at any time.

  • Instantly setup an account and add guests to your studio database in seconds
  • Include guest passes with plans, matching the privileges and time of the plan the client is associated with

Increase Conversions, Reduce Churn with Walla's Management Software

Attract More Clients to Your Studio with Our Platform

Stand out from the competition and keep new clients engaged (and booking) with customizable and editable intro offers that sell!

  • Choose the type of access a client gets with every intro offer you create
  • Send automated trigger-based communication based on intro offer status

Invest In Your Gym Retention Strategy

Create attractive incentives for potential clients and make it super-easy for them to enroll in a membership post-intro offer without a lapse in time.

  • Reduces the initial cost and financial commitment and create a sense of urgency
  • Allow new members to experience the total value of their membership

Target New Clients With Timely Offers and Messaging

With Walla, you’ll never lose track of a client who came to your studio via intro offer again! Automated communication will automatically message clients before and after their introductory studio expires, so you stay top of mind.

  • Built-in, strategically timed intro offer communication
  • Customize messaging based on client experience and create special discounts

Modern Payment Processing

Stop Chasing Credit Card Payments

With Walla, you’ll never miss out on revenue! Your clients can instantly update and save credit cards under their account via app or widget—and they won’t be able to make a purchase until the payment goes through.

  • Automatic credit card retry and alerts if payment fails
  • Staff can securely add and edit new payment method under client profile

Boost Purchases With Trustworthy Mobile Payment Methods

In the modern age of touchless payments, many clients prefer to use Apple Pay and Google Pay, so we make it seamless to tap, click, book, and buy!

  • Emphasize security and promote preferred mobile payments to clients
  • Increase studio convenience and purchase confidence

Continually Capture Additional Revenue

Leverage a new studio cash flow and become more profitable by easily selling gift cards with Walla. Our clients have seen a significant increase in sales!

  • Personalized branding options and fully automated delivery
  • Create gift card promos and allow recipients to add them to their digital wallet

Transparent Fees to Help You Save

At Walla, we charge the standard Stripe payment processing fees with no additional (or hidden) charges.

  • 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction
  • 2.7% + 5 cents per transaction with the Stripe terminal