December 22, 2022

3 Ways to Make Smarter Scheduling Decisions To Retain More Clients

Our reporting enables you to be more strategic with everyday bookings and interactions.

3 Ways to Make Smarter Scheduling Decisions To Retain More Clients

Did you know modifying your studio schedule and being more strategic with the instructors on your daily roster can positively impact your bottom line?

It used to be easier to predict class time popularity. Always packed 7 am workouts. 12 pm lunchtime drop-ins. Consistent 5:30 pm waitlists. But as client schedules continue to pivot, and flexibility is key, you’ll find that proactively making scheduling adjustments at your studio can attract more clients and boost revenue.  

Evaluating, optimizing, and reorganizing your studio schedule to increase attendance isn’t just about the time of day, though—it’s about who is teaching, too. When analyzing and updating your studio schedule, there are a few important elements to consider, like: Who is your audience? What classes are the most popular? Which instructors rank highest and influence retention? How many classes can they teach? At Walla, we make it easy to answer those questions and understand performance so you make smarter scheduling decisions in seconds.

Here are three colorful, data-driven, time-saving reports and insights to inform your studio schedule and measure instructor success metrics, especially as you’re trying to sell more plans and nurture all those new clients in the new year.  


Class Analysis Report: Determine your money makers and measure client interest

The best way to make better scheduling choices? By seeing which classes are generating the most revenue—and getting booked by the most clients. In our Class Analysis Report, you can get an in-depth overview or dig into the details for every class instance at your studio over a selected period of time. Analyze revenue, profit, check-ins, and fill rates to see what classes are performing well and exceeding your goals, and what classes could be updated, combined, or eliminated from your schedule.

TIP: Use the new year and new client rush to test a different class time on your schedule. If you’re torn between times, do a social media poll or ask your clients when they check in at the front desk what time-of-day they are more likely to book. It will increase engagement and let your community know their opinion matters. 


Teacher Ranking Report: See who should be on your schedule more

Your instructors are a representation of your studio and can heavily influence client retention, so who and how often they're on your schedule matters. Our Teacher Ranking Report gives you the data to make scheduling decisions with an all-encompassing overview of performance over time compared to a fair and balanced baseline. You’ll be able to see:

  • Average Fill Rate: average number of checked-in clients per class based on all classes taught by a particular instructor over a selected period
  • Average Clients: average number of checked-in clients per class based on all classes taught by a particular instructor over a selected period
  • Reliability: number of classes an instructor is scheduled to teach, and the number of classes actually taught
  • First Visit Retention: new clients whose first visit took place over the selected period and who returned for a second visit  
  • Average Profit Per Class | Total Profit: profit (revenue minus pay) per instructor over a selected period 
  • Average Revenue Per Class | Total Revenue: revenue per class by the instructor over the selected period

You can also tap on an instructor name to be taken to their personal Instructor Statistics page (more info below!)

TIP: The data in this report can help guide interactions when it comes to year-end review conversations. By giving you the opportunity to provide informed feedback and room for learning and growth, you can empower certain instructors to take on a bigger role at your studio (and mentor new hires!). 


Instructor Statistics: Set clear expectations with your staff

Understanding who you hire—and who is on your schedule—can impact your studio's reputation, retention, and sales strategies. Our Instructors Statistics Dashboard gives you the confidence and tools to establish success metrics when it comes to your staff and how they perform in your studio. This data-driven dashboard gives you a holistic view of individual instructors, including client retention, demand, profitability, reliability, and chemistry with clients (our favorite!). You’ll be equipped to make smarter scheduling decisions by using the instructors who fit your studio culture and who your community loves. Because at the end of the day, the instructor is a main reason why clients come back to class! 

TIP: The profitability metrics in this report can help you understand who is getting paid too much, too little, or deserves a raise, totally eliminating pay rate mysteries. Now you don’t have to do any math and can make faster decisions that impact your instructors, bonuses, and payroll.

Customer retention is the key

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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