September 21, 2023

3 Ways Walla’s Branded Mobile App Can Boost Your Fitness Business

Elevate your brand experience with an app built specifically for your fitness studio and clients.

3 Ways Walla’s Branded Mobile App Can Boost Your Fitness Business

Smartphones are engrained in everyday life. Endless scrolling, tapping, notifications—it’s the key to behavior in a tech-driven world, keeping consumers in the know and in touch with what matters most in their individual lives. From a favorite Reddit sub-feed to restaurant reviews, reading the news, and making hotel reservations, the average American picks up their phone 262 times a day (once every 5.5 minutes). And 88% of mobile phone time is spent using apps. As time spent on smartphones continues to increase, so does the number of apps downloaded worldwide (255 billion last year!). That makes for some crowded phone screens. While all this data is important—and not so surprising—how can your fitness studio make a positive, measurable impact with a personalized app your members will actually use sans the need for a developer? 

Walla’s all-new branded app! 

Creating and sharing a mobile app that fits your fitness business brand inherently builds loyalty, increases convenience, and improves client relationships—and, in turn, impacts retention and revenue. But what does that really equate to? How can an app deepen your studio community connection? It comes down to time, and time is a precious resource. Yes, we built Walla to save your studio time, and now we are giving you a branded resource that is all about saving your clients even more time as you leverage mainstream consumer behavior. Open, tap, book, and voila… your clients are in class!  

So, how does our branded app elevate your customer experience? It starts by offering an intuitive, easy-to-use app for your brand built to be an all-in-one engagement platform to keep your clients loyal, excited for fitness + wellness, expand your reach—and most importantly—returning to your studio. Don’t worry; we’ll do all the dev work behind the scenes for you! 


1. Ready for takeoff: Boost brand awareness with the app you’ve been waiting for 

Creating and launching a branded app has never been easier! And the best part? It’s all in one place built by your go-to Walla team, so you don’t need an outside resource or extra added development work. Available to download for free on iOS and Android, your clients (new and old) will become even more acquainted with your studio and engrained in your happenings, updates, and schedule. Your studio will stay top of mind as they see your logo on their smartphone home screen—a gentle reminder to be accountable and committed as they utilize the most effortless, mobile-friendly way to book and manage their account. Overall, Walla’s branded app lets people know about your studio and gets them through your door with just a few fast taps.   


2. Elevate your studio experience: Easily increase booking and engagement rates

It’s all about app interactions. Last year, the health and fitness app market generated $1.7 billion in revenue. An increase of $300 million from 2021. Consumers are spending even more than before on apps that benefit their well-being and routine, including your fitness studio. The best part? You don’t have to add extra staff to see your booking numbers increase with a branded app. Fortunately, Walla's fitness class scheduling software ensures that the influx of new leads is handled efficiently without the need for additional staff. Your app not only instantly makes your studio brand more accessible, but you’re reaching a broader, more engaged audience by making it super-easy to find, browse, and book your studio experiences while building familiarity, trust, and credibility with your studio as you raise engagement rates. You are also enabling your studio to meet consumer expectations and demands in the constantly evolving digital landscape by offering a branded app as you broaden your business development—and bottom line. 


3. Brand convenience: Save time with beautifully branded app interactions

Walla’s branded app is built to save time. And you know we talked about that value above. With fast, easy access to your studio services and their personal account details, you are enabling your clients to instantly save time straight from their smartphones without needing to log in online. Our branded app showcasing your brand can also help you positively impact payments. Payments via a mobile app have been estimated to increase to 52.2% this year! That means consumers feel more confident in their mobile purchases. With Walla’s secure and user-friendly app interactions, your members will never second-guess their next step when booking and buying at your studio. In addition, our app design with your colors and logo is fully white-labeled, meaning it’s all about your brand and beautifully branded touch points that are seamless to navigate on iOS and Android.   

Walla’s branded mobile app makes imagining your brand on your app a reality. Get access to our branded app now and see how we empower your studio to stay relevant and engaging on every client's smartphone.  

Customer retention is the key

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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