March 17, 2023

The Power of Guest Passes: Grow Your Client Base, Revenue, and Sell More

Walla’s guest passes give you the ability to capture studio interest and add to your community. Use them to increase revenue, member retention and studio success.

The Power of Guest Passes: Grow Your Client Base, Revenue, and Sell More

Guest passes are all about the perks—for your members, for your studio community, and for your bottom line. Not only are they a tried and true retention tactic for your clients, but they also enable interested prospects to experience your fitness studio, eliminating the intimidation factor for first-time visitors. 

From expanding brand awareness to building long-lasting relationships, guest passes tap into a modern approach on the Walla platform. By optimizing how your studio can attract new clients and increase revenue by upselling to an intro offer (and utilizing highly engaged, action-oriented marketing automations to keep your studio top-of-mind), we streamlined the experience from the first touchpoint. You don’t have to find workarounds to make your guest passes work—and get you measurable results. So what are the top benefits of utilizing guest passes with Walla? Hint: It all comes back to revenue and retention! 

Generate more revenue by adding guest pass bonuses to premium memberships


What is the best way to generate more revenue for your fitness business? By increasing the spending habits of your existing clients. Because who doesn’t love to bring a friend or family member to class at their favorite studio? And that means incorporating guest passes into your premium memberships and plans. For example, your popular Monthly Unlimited Membership is $129 per month, and your clients continually take advantage of this plan and price. Consider adding an upgrade/another tier that includes two guest passes and exclusive access to courses or video on demand content. You’re giving your clients a perk and empowering them to share the studio and their fitness and wellness experience. 

Grow your client base and increase studio commitment

The people who book together, well, continue to book together. It’s the power of social connections and inspiration. Taking a class, scheduling an appointment—referrals, especially trusted, personalized ones when it comes to fitness and wellness, is a powerful marketing tool. And there’s no better way to encourage referrals than by giving your clients a seamless way to book with guest passes. At Walla, adding and offering guest passes to members is easy, making it more likely for clients and whoever they choose to use their pass(es) to attend class. Now you have an instant introduction when they walk through your studio door and an opportunity to make a great first impression on their guest! 

Eliminate extra work and sell more intro offers 

New prospects who come to your studio using a guest pass are still eligible to purchase an intro offer. So why not capture their interest in real-time and capitalize on this upsell opportunity? Engage with the individual who used the guest pass at your front desk or add them to an email campaign, ultimately encouraging them to try your intro offer. No manual workarounds needed. Just clear, timely communication (and marketing automations that get an incredible 75% open rate!). 

Create a seamless first-timer experience 

Setting up an account and filling in endless webpage fields of personal information can be a barrier to entry, especially regarding a potential new client who just wants to use a free guest pass. Because the pain of going through virtual “paperwork” can be a common excuse not to sign up. With Walla, they don’t have to spend time with multi-step account creation. When someone with a guess pass joins your studio and books their preferred experience, an email will be sent, prompting them to sign an online waiver beforehand. Without going through your typical studio onboarding process, there’s no need to worry about the potential liability of a new person walking into class. 

Organically grow your studio community 

Your clients have an instant connection to your studio, and by empowering them to bring a guest to class, you can leverage their loyalty to convince their friend or family member to become a new member. Now it’s no longer you trying to market your studio and convince a prospect to join; you’re tapping into those who are part of your community to help sell your studio brand, the benefits, and why they should belong. 

Customer retention is the key

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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