October 19, 2021

Confidently Set Clear Expectations with Instructor Stats

Knowing which teacher is profitable can instantly impact your staff and sales strategy.

Confidently Set Clear Expectations with Instructor Stats

Business decisions can be stressful, especially regarding your staff, community—and most importantly, your instructors. Understanding who you hire to teach classes and how often they are on your schedule can significantly impact studio retention and sales strategies. But there’s never been a trustworthy solution to capture this crucial information without digging for data. 

With Walla’s modern Instructor Stats Dashboard, measuring important metrics is simple—giving you the confidence to make decisions without being overwhelmed while setting clear expectations for success. Now that’s a built-in bonus! 

So what does our dashboard measure? Here’s a quick outline of what data we’re collecting in real-time to save you time and make everyday studio operations more productive and efficient.

Instructor Stats

Client Retention: Does a new client come to their first class with an instructor? Is your instructor's personality a fit? This data can help you understand which instructor(s) attract first-timers to your studio—and work to make connections, motivate, build relationships, and exemplify your studio mission and brand. Also, do they teach a genuinely amazing class? This information can influence your scheduling choices, too.

Demand: In-studio versus livestream, drill down into an instructor's fill rate and class attendance based on how and where they teach—and if they measure up to the studio average. Plus, with the fill rate analyzing checked-in clients to the overall capacity, get detailed insights without any second guessing. And if they’re always in the green, consider adding a certain instructor to the schedule more!

Profitability: One of our favorite metrics! Whether they are asking for a raise or getting paid too much or too little, understanding which instructors are bringing in the clients (and the cash!) is a game-changer—and eliminates pay rate mysteries. By calculating important monetary metrics, including total pay and the average pay per class, you can get an all-encompassing look at profitability without doing any math to make faster decisions impacting your bottom line.

Popularity: Where do your instructors rank when it comes to retention and studio revenue? Are they loved by clients or prefer other teachers? With our popularity graph, quickly review the numbers of clients who did and did not return to the same instructor at your studio over a period of time. This metric includes all visits who have been checked in and completed class, so you can see what instructor is positively impacting capacity and keep your clients coming back for more!

Reliability: Knowing you can count on your instructor, well, counts—and at the end of the day, your studio staff is a team. You’ve hired them to have your back 110%. But do they step up and support each other or leave a fellow teacher high and dry when help is needed? With the reliability graph, get real-time insights into the number of classes an instructor was scheduled to teach compared to classes taught. This metric isn’t just about attendance, though. Review precisely who truly benefits your studio and team and who might need to be on the sidelines.

Chemistry: Walla’s industry-first personality insights leverage behavioral psychology to impact retention. Giver, Maverick, Thinker, Doer—every client that walks through your door fits one of these typologies, but what instructors actually attract a particular personality, if any? Our colorful chemistry graph shows you exactly what personality(s) enjoy an individual instructor's style. Not only does this statistic give you better insight into an instructor's vibe, but it can also positively impact retention, especially with new clients. So if Natalie’s 4 pm Vinyasa Power Flow always attracts more Givers, you’re now equipped to make smarter class suggestions to other Givers in your client base.

When it comes to your studio operations, our easy-to-understand Instructor Stats Dashboard gives you a look into how your teachers are performing—and allows your business to celebrate success any day of the week!

Customer retention is the key

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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