Tips for Connecting With Clients in a Pandemic-Adapted World

As regulations continue to change, staying engaged can help you revolutionize studio retention.

Tips for Connecting With Clients in a Pandemic-Adapted World

As pandemic-related restrictions evolve, keeping in touch with clients continues to be crucial to retention—and overall studio success. Whether it’s highlighting client accomplishments, elevating your livestream experience, or reinventing your email sequences, getting creative with client communication can easily benefit your boutique fitness business as people prioritize their mental and physical wellness.


Flex Your Flexibility: Communicate customized class plan offerings.

In-studio? Outside? Livestream? VOD? Building plans that give your clients the freedom to choose where, when, and how they work out can help boost recurring revenue. With Walla, seamlessly add livestream to any plan, offer an unparalleled hybrid experience, tap into unlimited video access, and dynamically price and sell classes with credits. These easily buyable and bookable options add communication touch points for existing clients and new leads that apply to their everyday wellness routine (and goals).


#workoutinspo: Keep your social media active (and inspiring!).

With roughly 3.96 million people worldwide on social media platforms, ensuring your clients see your content when swiping and scrolling can help keep your brand relevant—and relatable. If designing “pretty” assets isn’t your forte, try using free, easy-to-use tools like Canva. Share inspirational quotes, post workout tips, promote virtual classes, utilize polls, and capitalize on exciting studio news and updates. Plus (thanks to TikTok), overly filtered selfies and videos are out, and organic, authentic imagery is in, so don’t overthink your next studio video. If your clients continue to see your brand on social media, your fitness business will stay top-of-mind, making your motivation mainstream.

Dare Your Clients to Dig In

Dare Your Clients to Dig In: Start an at-home fitness challenge

Did you know that over 80% of people abandon their New Year's resolutions by February? Remind your clients of their “why” while respecting social distancing by taking advantage of an at-home challenge. From a staff nutritionist to an instructor specializing in meditation, get creative with a branded challenge and cadence that keeps you connected to your clients and your studio community. Also, you can promote your expertise, virtual options, and at-home challenge via email and social so clients and leads can feel encouraged and included.


The Power of Promotion: Reinvent your intro offers.

We all know that intro offers are the ultimate incentive to get new leads (and potential members) through your studio doors. But are you actually converting clients? Walla makes it easy to take advantage of intro offers and conversion insights which can better influence how you build, promote, and ultimately sell your intro offers. Use social media, email, and word of mouth to discuss the benefits and tout discounts, especially as consumers rethink (and continually redefine) their workout grind. Whether it’s creating flexible hybrid options, adding guest passes, or incorporating future plan purchase discounts, all of these revenue-driving levers are unique opportunities to attract and communicate with all types of clients.


Hey There: Don’t forget to have conversations with your clients.

You probably have a few clients you know best, but creating a meaningful connection with all your members can be as simple as picking up the phone, giving them a call, or sending a text. Supporting those who support your studio during a continually trying time is a reminder of why they belong to your studio and love the community you’ve created. Also, recognizing client-specific milestones and accomplishments can make a huge difference. Walla’s client profile and check-in screen make it simple for any staff member to see a status (and celebrate a birthday) without any second thoughts. And since you can send messages directly from the class roster, you can reach out to class participants in a snap!


You’ve Got Mail: Leverage weekly emails.

Emails containing educational, motivational, and marketing content are a great way to keep your clients engaged and position your studio as an expert on top of the trends. From sharing outside wellness articles, sending studio event updates, to posting fast fitness tips, and instructor insights, creating email content can elicit meaningful feedback and instigate studio-centric conversations. Tap into your in-house resources, too, and do some brainstorming to see what your staff and students want to see—and read!


Always Online: Streamline your digital branding and presence.

Creating a consistent digital footprint is key. Ensure your website and social media have updated COVID-19-related policies, current class times, offers, and announcements. Double-check the links on your Facebook and Instagram profiles are correct—and use social as a tool to post last-minute studio changes. Walla’s branded widgets work on every mainstream platform, too, so clients can find exactly what they want to book and communicate with your studio with ultimate ease.

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