December 16, 2022

Elevate Your Studio Brand With Websites by Walla

Improve your online visibility, branding and SEO with Walla's intuitive and easy-to-use website builder for boutique studios, gyms and other fitness locations!

Elevate Your Studio Brand With Websites by Walla

How do your clients and potential leads perceive your studio brand? Whether marketing is a big expense for your fitness business and you rely on community recommendations and connections, your website plays a vital role in your online presence—and success.

In a digitally-driven world with over 1.8 billion websites, consumers (your clients) are inundated with visuals, media, and brands. Your studio is a reprieve from the online overload, but how your clients and leads interact with your studio on the internet can significantly impact retention, awareness, and conversions. That’s where Walla (and a good website) comes in. 

It takes a consumer 0.05 seconds to create an opinion about your website and brand. Wow! And 94% of first impressions are related to design. A well-designed website isn’t just about showcasing your studio pictures and logos; it’s pivotal in forming a good impression on prospective clients. A clean website can also help you nurture leads, convert, and provide a good user experience! 

So how can Walla help your studio build credibility, stay competitive, and give you a beautiful, responsive online experience? 

With our fitness website builder, we offer you a customizable, personalized website consultation and design, helping you revamp your online presence, showcase your brand, and help you stay ahead of the competition. No third-party marketing agency or designer needed. And you get to keep your current URL! Plus, we will help you save time (it can take two+ months for outside website design) and money (the average cost for a basic website is $3,200!).

Here are a few of the budget-friendly benefits of building and launching your website with Walla include:

Buying Experience

You’ll get a hands-on website workshop

Our goal? To provide you with a seamless, intuitive design experience and execution! First, we will provide you with a website consultation session with one of our in-house Walla project managers so you can discuss look, feel, workflow timeline, and goals while choosing from one website template that best represents your studio brand. From there, we will gather assets, integrate copy and data, and get your website transferred and transformed for a pre-determined scheduled go-live launch date!

Update your live studio site with super-easy editing tools

You won’t need outside help or web experts on your new website! With a simple backend, you can update and iterate your website copy, imagery, and more in seconds. New studio photos,  new year intro offer you want to highlight in your headline—the drag and drop editing tools are so easy for your team to update and edit your site, then hit publish.

Hosting, maintenance, and SSL included to keep you confident

Super fast website hosting and automated updates will keep your studio website online without worrying about outages. You can build credibility and help your clients feel secure thanks to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a protocol for establishing secure links between networked computers. Reliable website page speed will also eliminate browsing frustration and abandoning cart actions, keeping your clients focused on your site and brand.


Streamline your studio SEO efforts, speed, and website performance

Your new website architecture is optimized with Google Lighthouse best practices for speed and performance, an automated tool you don’t have to think twice about! Our site designs will also aid in your studio search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, positively impacting how content is published on your site with SEO-friendly code. Simply put, that affects how search engines crawl and index your website, helping your studio rank online! Especially if potential clients are searching for hot yoga in Williamsburg or barre in Brooklyn, you want to be found.

Give your clients a cleaner, better online booking, and buying experience

When you’re shopping online, the checkout process needs to be seamless. Otherwise, you start second-guessing if you want what’s in your cart. Our website designs help you build trust with your audience and convert more clients, from browsing your studio schedule to buying a plan. And Walla widgets work perfectly with our website templates, empowering your studio and brand.



Capitalize on intuitive, in-platform upsell opportunities

Dynamic pages on your new website are a huge piece of the online puzzle. While highlighting every element of your studio brand, your site can help you expand your offerings and increase revenue with a better visual and buying experience on any device. And through solid navigation, responsive design, and clear call to actions (CTAs), you can easily leverage visually-appealing selling opportunities to catch your client and lead's attention.

Insights delivered straight to your inbox

You’ll automatically get website performance statistics sent to your email, including page views, visits, and form submissions. These easy-to-understand insights and data can help you optimize online touchpoints, measure site traffic, recognize opportunities where your website can perform better, and capture additional attention and traffic.

Transparent pricing for your new website

When we build your website, a member of our Walla team will handle every step, from consultation to being hands-on for your website's go-live date. The cost for a brand new, intuitively designed Walla website consists of a $450 set-up fee (that includes everything from start to launch) and a recurring $160/month hosting fee, which means you’ll get up to 90 minutes of website work and we can help answer any questions! But we have a feeling when we build your website, it’s so easy to use you won’t even need us! 

If you’re interested in learning more or are ready to update your website with us, please fill out this form! We can’t wait to help your studio brand get even more traffic and traction online!

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