July 20, 2023

Unlocking Freedom with Wellhub and Walla: A Partnership for Well-Being

Discover how Wellhub and Walla collaborate to boost your well-being strategy and enhance your digital experience. Join the wellness revolution today!

Unlocking Freedom with Wellhub and Walla: A Partnership for Well-Being

Embrace Fitness Freedom with Wellhub and Walla: Your Perfect Wellness Buddies

Imagine enhancing your wellness strategy while leveling up your digital experience. It's possible with the collaboration of two forward-thinking companies—Wellhub and Walla. This partnership isn't just about fitness, it's about inspiring a more fulfilling, joy-filled lifestyle and lending you, a studio owner, a hand in growing your revenue

What sparked our partnership with Wellhub?

With over 6,000 companies trusting Wellhub to guide their employee wellness, it has bloomed into a cherished ally in the corporate wellness sphere. But this isn't only about gym access—it's about gifting freedom and flexibility and fostering a healthier lifestyle without costing a penny more.

Inviting fresh and new audiences

Gymsass's open-arms model encourages everyone onto the wellness journey. Interestingly, 70% of Wellhub members are first-timers to fitness memberships, unveiling a new realm of opportunities for businesses eager to connect with this often-overlooked market. With seamless integration into Walla, Gympass introduces an entirely fresh audience to your studio. 

Embracing freedom and flexibility

In the age of digital liberation, Wellhub shines with its no-stress model. No confusing contracts, no sneaky fees, and straightforward access to your data. This translates to more freedom for your clients and more time to concentrate on what truly counts—their health and happiness. 

Easy-breezy revenue generation

With Wellhub + Walla, you're not just gaining software; you're unlocking a sparkling new revenue stream. Thanks to a simplified payment system, your earnings directly make their way into your bank account, freeing you from any tiresome paperwork.

Why Wellhub makes a fantastic partner

Wellhub is a fitness platform that generously offers its members access to a network of thousands of fitness facilities across the globe. Businesses, like your fitness studio, can hop on board this network and reap an array of benefits. Here's how including a service like Gympass can help your fitness studio blossom and boost your revenue:

  • Brightened Visibility: By joining the Wellhub network, your fitness studio becomes visible to a far larger pool of potential customers. With Wellhub's extensive partnerships offering fitness memberships as part of employee benefits packages, your studio can reach many more people who might have been unaware of your fantastic services.
  • New Revenue Stream: Every time a Wellhub member enjoys your facility, you receive a payment from Wellhub. This can make a notable difference to your revenue. The more services or classes you offer, the more appealing your studio becomes to Wellhub users and the more you can earn.
  • Better Utilization: If there are times of the day when your facility seems a bit lonely, Wellhub can help fill these gaps. With the flexibility to drop in any time, your quieter periods become more lucrative.
  • Reduced Marketing Costs: Wellhub takes care of a chunk of the marketing for you, showcasing your facility to their users through their app and website. This can lessen your marketing spend and customer acquisition costs.
  • Client Diversification: Wellhub users come from all walks of life, from frequent travelers who favor short-term gym access to locals seeking flexibility. This can diversify your clientele, leading to a broader range of services and classes being enjoyed.
  • Keeping Current Clients: If your existing clients' employers offer Wellhub as a benefit, these clients might switch to using Wellhub for their membership. Although you earn less from these clients than a full membership, you keep them in your studio instead of losing them to a cheaper competitor.
  • Feedback and Ratings: Wellhub users can rate and review your facility, offering valuable insights. High ratings and rave reviews can draw more users, while constructive feedback can guide your service improvements.

Wellhub and Walla—A hand-in-hand force

Blending Walla with Wellhub has never been simpler. This partnership allows Walla clients to bask in the benefits of Wellhub, elevating their digital experience and amplifying their wellness strategy. 

How Walla clients gain

As a Walla client, the benefits of this integration are instant and significant. Not only will you discover new wellness prospects, but you’ll also become part of a thriving community committed to health, happiness, and cooperation.

Come aboard the wellness revolution

The future of corporate wellness is being shaped by dynamic partnerships like that of Wellhub and Walla. By infusing the freedom and flexibility of Wellhub into Walla's refined software platform, businesses are well-prepared to nurture happier, healthier communities. 

Switching to Walla is simpler than you'd think

Shifting to Walla is a smooth and stress-free journey, often termed the "cleanse" due to its transformative impact. By transitioning to Walla, businesses can gain a sharper insight into their operations and be better equipped for future hurdles. This changeover is eased by the helping hands of dedicated onboarding experts who ensure a seamless journey marked by zero downtime and comprehensive data migration.

The process begins by requesting data from your current provider, ensuring a smooth transition of essential information. Next, businesses can effortlessly set up their specific business rules, classes, and plans within the Walla system. This step empowers businesses to tailor their software to their unique needs, boosting efficiency and effectiveness.

A standout feature of moving to Walla is the automatic transfer of your entire business history, including payment methods, to the new system. This ensures that no valuable data is left behind, and businesses can seamlessly continue their operations without disruption. The automatic transfer of your business history to the Walla system saves time and effort, allowing businesses to quickly resume their day-to-day activities without missing a beat.

The switch to Walla is a straightforward and painless journey guided by savvy onboarding experts. With zero downtime and comprehensive data migration, businesses can boldly embrace the future and leverage the enhanced capabilities and clarity that Walla provides. 

Wrapping up

This fusion between Wellhub and Walla is more than just a collaboration. It's a golden opportunity for Walla clients to transform their digital experience and foster a culture of health and happiness. Whether you're a newbie gym-goer or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, the Wellhub-Walla union promises to boost your business growth.

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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