5 Ways Appointments Can Elevate Your Client Experience and Earn Your Studio More Revenue

See why offering personalized services at your studio can increase retention, revenue, and word-of-mouth marketing.

5 Ways Appointments Can Elevate Your Client Experience and Earn Your Studio More Revenue

The prioritization of health and well-being has evolved into an “essential” monetary category for consumers. And despite widespread financial uncertainty, 80% of consumers intend to maintain or increase their spending on fitness and wellness-related activities. Money is being shelled out. Budgets are being allocated for overall wellness. Experiences are being booked at a rapid rate. So how can boutique fitness studios stand out and capitalize on this consumer behavior that is sure to be an everlasting trend, especially in a pandemic-adapted environment?

Appointments help your studio stand out against the competition by selling specialized services and experiences. This scheduling and booking method can organically increase loyalty, retention, and positive word-of-mouth marketing while tapping into the steadfast consumer spending trend. By offering appointments, you’re creating an added benefit to your clients, gaining interest from potential clients, and investing in your studio community (and staff) by providing them with a customized, convenient, and efficient way to engage with your business and brand.

Walla’s appointment feature and functionality can empower your studio to sell more personalized experiences and earn more revenue through a clean, modern scheduling and booking flow built specifically for boutique fitness. From a Pilates duet to a private stretching session, appointments allow your studio to differentiate spending and booking habits while giving your clients access to high-quality services that encourage personal success.  

Elevate your client experience with appointments  

Accountability: Scheduling a specific appointment time with an instructor or fitness and wellness professional can help your clients stay accountable. They will show up because they’ve invested a monetary amount and are willing to put in the “work”—helping them accomplish their goals. And they will be sure to tell their friends about that! 

Customizable workouts and services: With an appointment, clients can work with a staff member at your studio to create a plan tailored to their specific needs and goals rather than relying on TikTok videos and social media influencers for insight. 

Expert guidance and advice: By utilizing the fitness and wellness professionals on your staff (or bringing a contractor in), you provide clients with expert guidance on aspects of their routine, like form, technique, and progression to maximize their results. 

Motivation, inspiration, and support: Appointments provide an opportunity for clients to work with someone who can give habit-forming techniques and support and be a source of self-motivation, especially for those who are working on self-love and self-worth and need a little extra encouragement. 

Flexibility and efficiency: With scheduled fitness and wellness appointments, clients can make the most of their time at your studio with a specific time, service, and plan in place. And with an interactive appointment schedule that makes booking a session easy, clients can find exactly what appointment they want at a time that works best for their busy life. 

Types of appointments your studio can sell

Individual training sessions: Whether it’s a personal strength training appointment with a certified trainer or individual Pilates Megaformer instruction, clients can receive hands-on attention and instruction, instigating continued success and building their strength and confidence.

Small group classes: Offer appointments with limited participants, like a Pilates duet session or a more intimate Vinyasa flow or inversion workshop. This can allow clients to book appointments that include their friends and eliminate the intimidation of a one-on-one experience but still gives them to access something more personalized at your studio. 

Nutritional consultations: Tap into a different aspect of wellness by offering appointments where clients can receive personalized guidance around their eating habits and meal prep to complement their lifestyle and workout schedule. 

Injury rehabilitation sessions: Appointments at your studio with a physical therapist or trainer can enable clients to receive guidance related to exercise and movement, helping them prevent injuries or future injuries and positively impacting their fitness routine.

Wellness coaching sessions: Give your clients the ability to work with a wellness coach by offering appointments where they can receive advice on lifestyle habits, stress management, mental health, and other dimensions of wellness to improve overall well-being.

Appointments can benefit both your clients and your bottom line by improving the overall studio and customer experience. Plus, your fitness studio can offer many types of appointments to meet the diverse needs of your clients and community. 

Customer retention is the key

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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