March 28, 2024
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How the Walla App Makes It Easy for Clients to Book, Buy, and Engage With Your Studio

New improvements to the app experience enhance your studio brand, from login to account management.

How the Walla App Makes It Easy for Clients to Book, Buy, and Engage With Your Studio

In the age of flexibility, urgency, and convenience, mobile apps are key to consumer engagement. With users in the United States spending more than four hours a day on apps and 49% of people opening an app 11+ times a day, leveraging this mobile-friendly behavior is crucial to the purchasing and brand experience. That’s why the Walla app and Walla branded app are essential to your studio and how your members book, buy, and engage with your fitness business. It’s so popular that there are over 2.1 million bookings on the Walla app for iOS and Google—and counting! So, what’s new with the Walla app? What can you do to capture client attention in the app, and how can capitalizing on app usage positively impact your bottom line?

Biometric authentication to instant schedule access: Upgraded login and in-app experience 

When your clients download the Walla app, they immediately access your studio. The Walla app is their one-stop shop for a seamless booking, buying, and account management experience, from the class schedule and upcoming appointments to their personal account details. Now, with biometric functionality built into the Walla app, your clients can use face or touch ID, allowing total app login convenience and ease. Plus, faster loading times give your members an accurate, reliable schedule and booking information. That means they are less likely to exit out—and more likely to stay engaged—helping you sell more, book more, and keep clients locked in until they take action. No second-guessing their next class or appointment! 

Always encourage engagement: App announcements keep your members constantly informed 

While your clients constantly book via the Walla app, why not showcase studio news, events, instructor announcements, retreats, weather-related cancellations, and more? App announcements are the most efficient and the best way to engage your clients in real time (where they are already spending their time). And they make your app home screen more colorful and exciting for your clients, boosting brand awareness and connection to your community. Creating an app announcement is quick and easy, too! Just go to the Marketing Center from the Walla navigation, choose App Announcements, and:

  • Select the + Add New Announcement prompt 
  • Add a title, author, publication, and expiration date 
  • Choose an image—we suggest landscape orientation, but don’t worry, we will automatically resize    
  • Include a short description, body text, and a custom or in-app link (if you want the app announcement to have a destination)

App announcements enable you to increase awareness and give your clients a reliable source for studio updates and news without your members needing to search on social media or missing an email. Plus, when you publish an app announcement, you instantly increase the chances of your studio community seeing what’s new, meaningful, and exciting in the Walla app 24/7! 

The benefits of the Walla app are clear, but how can encouraging your members to book through the app positively impact your fitness business and bottom line? 

1. Streamlined operations

Booking through the Walla app can simplify your studio operations by automating the booking process. The app reduces the need for extra customer service efforts or phone calls, freeing up staff time to focus on other aspects of your fitness business.

2. Increased engagement, better connections

The Walla app offers features like push notifications, which allow your clients to get instant updates from your studio, especially when it’s time-sensitive offers and information. Regularly interacting with your members through the app, app announcements, and push notifications can build stronger relationships, increase studio loyalty, and boost retention rates.

3. Upselling opportunities

Through the Walla app, you can use app announcements to promote additional studio services, such as personal training sessions, nutrition coaching, new retail, and seasonal sales. By integrating upselling strategies into the browsing and booking process, you can increase your average revenue per customer and drive additional income for your studio.

4. Enhanced brand image

Offering a user-friendly, convenient app with Walla reflects positively on your studio brand. It demonstrates that your fitness business is tech-savvy, customer-focused, and committed to providing a seamless experience for your members. This can attract new clients and help retain existing ones, ultimately contributing to your bottom line.

5. Cost savings

Not only is the Walla app an automatic addition to your studio software but transitioning more of your booking process to the app can lead to cost savings over time. You can reduce expenses associated with traditional booking methods, such as phone lines, clunky software, or front desk staff while improving efficiency.

6. Competitive advantage

In today's digital age, having a well-designed app can give you a competitive edge in the fitness industry. The Walla app helps to set you apart from competitors who may still rely on outdated booking systems and demonstrates your commitment to innovation and member satisfaction.

At its core, the Walla app is designed to improve studio booking efficiency, help you increase revenue, and build stronger client relationships while promoting your fitness business and positively impacting profitability. 

Customer retention is the key

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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