August 4, 2023

Why the Walla App is a Critical Component for Studio Revenue

Consumers prefer to book directly from an app on their iOS or Android device, so why not leverage this behavior?

Why the Walla App is a Critical Component for Studio Revenue

E-commerce is booming, generating nearly $8.7 billion in revenue last year alone. The ability to easily purchase goods and services digitally continues to grow, primarily as businesses streamline and simplify their experience. And in this virtual, instant gratification revolution, B2C (business-to-consumer) mobile apps are the most commonly used e-commerce apps today. That means your members want to browse, buy, and use the Walla app—a significant way for your studio to engage and earn more from the palm of their hands. 

The Walla app is the start of an immersive and interactive relationship with your customer base—and it’s getting client attention while giving your studio brand unparalleled exposure in a mobile-friendly environment. With over 3.7 million bookings (and counting) and more than 76,000 bookings daily on the Walla app for iOS and Android, we are helping your studio boost sales and increase engagement while eliminating barriers to purchase and competition.  

Whether you’re encouraging your clients to download the app via a QR code at your front desk (a great marketing tactic!) or want to revisit your app experience as a branded tool, here’s why the Walla app is the best direct link between your studio and members as the preferred e-commerce and revenue-generating booking option!  

A better way to browse, book, buy, and make your studio always accessible 


Consumers spend almost 27% more time on mobile apps than websites, meaning they expect convenience and flexibility, and with the Walla app, you’re giving them that! Once your clients sign up for a studio account and download the Walla app on their devices, the navigation experience is seamless and clean, saving time and encouraging them to want to engage with your studio offerings. New prospects or long-term members can easily browse class and appointment schedules, view availability, and book the session and experience they want with just a few taps from their smartphones. Walla’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for even less tech-savvy individuals to navigate and find what they wish to hassle-free! The Walla app also gives your community 24/7 access to your studio as they browse on their phones, making it more likely for them to tap, open, and commit to attending your business regularly. Just think about the way you instantly open apps on your phone! Plus, the Walla app is intuitive and contains necessary client account and studio information that is always accessible, so it takes some of the administrative burden off your staff. That means your team can stay focused on providing exceptional customer service and offer personalized assistance when your clients are actually in the studio!  

Real-time engagement and communication your clients can count on


In-app messages have a unique advantage over other marketing channels. You can take advantage of the fact that your clients are in your app and will instantly see your studio news, updates, and more in real-time. We’ve discussed it before, but Walla’s app announcements are the best way to inform and engage with your clients, keeping them in the know while deepening their connection to your studio and brand. Plus, app announcements make your Walla app home screen more colorful and exciting, and it’s also a fun task that you can have your staff help you with! Introducing a new instructor to stocking new retail to an upcoming event, creating an app announcement, and linking out to a destination is super-easy and straightforward, increasing awareness and giving your clients a reliable source for studio updates and news. App announcements also allow you to customize how your studio brand looks and feels within the Walla app by being able to personalize client-facing content, tapping into consumer behavior that keeps members engaged and spending more “time” with your studio brand, even if they opened the app just to book a class. 

Sell more studio experiences and reduce cart abandonment


With the Walla app, you’re not only able to browse and buy classes, but clients can also access high-quality, more valuable studio experiences with appointments. Adding appointments at your studio can elevate your studio and help you generate more revenue that can positively impact your bottom line. And when they can be booked via the Walla app? Well, you know it will be a win-win in the mobile app usage sphere. Walla’s modern app design is built to promote and market your studio business with a seamless browsing and buying flow. It’s also created to help reduce cart abandonment, meaning they fail to complete their purchase. Hey, we’ve all been there and done that with everything from travel to a facial to a new outfit. By giving your clients a secure, confident, and familiar buying experience with a beautiful design, we’re optimizing the app checkout for your studio, so there’s no second-guessing their next class or appointment!   

Overall the Walla app provides your studio with a powerful e-commerce tool that creates a seamless and exciting experience for clients—encouraging participation and motivation as they stay connected to your studio. And by giving your studio and clients access to a free app in a non-competitive environment, they won’t be inundated with outside offers or ads, so they can stay focused on exactly what they want to book at your fitness business where they feel comfortable and committed! 

Customer retention is the key

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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