July 13, 2023

How Walla Can Elevate Your Studio Brand and Increase Loyalty

Your new clients want a high-quality experience that represents your mission, inspires their goals, and deepens their connection and loyalty to your studio.

How Walla Can Elevate Your Studio Brand and Increase Loyalty

Defining Your Studio Brand and Target Market

What makes your fitness studio stand out from the competition? Is it your staff and instructors? The location? An accessible, flexible schedule and pricing? Or is it how your clients interact and align with your brand? From the class booking process to the way your studio’s emails look, read, and feel, consistently putting your best feel-good brand forward is an integral differentiator to studio success. And it impacts retention! 

Your new clients and long-term members want a hyper-personalized, high-quality experience that represents your mission, inspires their goals, and deepens their connection and loyalty to your studio. But your brand is not only your colors, logo, and mission statement—it’s how they engage with every facet of your business. So what are some key strategies to boost growth, conversions, retention, and sustainable revenue? Here’s why putting your best brand forward matters and how Walla can elevate your studio impact:


The perception of your studio: Attracting and retaining clients 

In a highly competitive fitness industry, a strong, relatable, and reliable brand is essential for attracting and retaining clients—and how your clients see your brand outside of your studio's four walls is critical. Your brand serves as the face of your studio, representing your values, personality, and unique fitness and wellness experiences. By presenting a well-defined brand identity across your studio and marketing materials, you can create a positive and memorable impression that sets you apart from competitors in your area, ultimately encouraging potential and existing clients to choose to book with you. 

TIP: Use your member base as a resource for marketing to new clients! Ask them what attracted them to book at your studio, how they discovered your business, and why they keep coming back. When starting as a new client, ask what they loved (or would have loved to see). This type of feedback can inspire a new way to market your studio and enable you to test and pivot some of your introductory offers to gain more traction—and can give you good insight into the content for your new client Marketing Automations and Journeys!  


Stand out and stay on top: Differentiation and positioning

Who you are, what you stand for, and how your clients can relate to your studio at its core comes down to a robust brand strategy that allows you to differentiate from other fitness studios. Especially if you’re not the only yoga studio in town. Remember to dial into your unique selling points, like specialized classes, partner events, expert trainers, and target your specific demographic that mirrors who members. This enables you to be more efficient with marketing and position your studio as the go-to place for specific fitness goals, types, or interests. Effective branding helps you carve out a distinct niche, making it easier for potential customers to identify your value proposition and understand why they should choose your studio.

TIP: Consistency is key here when being efficient and effective with how you market your fitness studio. You want to ensure that every client-facing touch point feels like the same brand and story so you stay authentic. Think about your voice and tone—do your emails align with your social media? Do your app announcements complement your text messages? Your clients and overall consumers want to make purchases and stay loyal to a brand that provides fulfillment, meets their needs and expectations, and provides a sense of familiarity, and making sure your brand does that across all studio interactions is essential. 


Creating connections: Building credibility and trust

Your studio brand aims to enhance your credibility and foster trust among all clients. They even inherently trust the instructor you hire will teach a good class and that the software that runs your studio will always work. When your brand consistently delivers on its promises and showcases professionalism and expertise, it instills confidence, creates stronger client-studio-staff connections, and builds your community. So where is your studio brand reflected? Everyday elements include a professional logo, high-quality marketing materials, and a cohesive brand message. That’s the importance of consistency you just read about! This signals to clients that your studio provides a high-quality fitness experience, which is crucial in an industry where personal well-being is extremely important.

TIP: If you haven’t done a “gut check” on your branding recently, now’s the time! Look at everything you’ve marketed and shared with your clients and potential members in the last few weeks. Do they look like they are all from the same studio? Logo not pixelated? Online marketing materials reflecting your brand? It’s easy to go to your Business Settings in Walla and double-check your individual studio details. Plus, this might be an excellent opportunity to create a mini brand guide with logos, colors, and branded assets for your staff in case they want to share your studio across their personal social media accounts (because our new direct links make it easier than ever to share a link to a class!). 


Social proof is powerful: Instigate referrals and word-of-mouth marketing

A compelling brand strategy can drive positive word-of-mouth marketing, one of the best forms of advertising. When clients clearly understand your brand and perceive it as reliable, reputable, and beneficial, they are more likely to recommend your studio to their friends, family, and colleagues. Encouraging and facilitating positive user experiences and providing exceptional customer service can prompt your studio members to become brand ambassadors—think micro influencers—sharing their enthusiasm and experiences with others. This type of organic word-of-mouth marketing can significantly contribute to new client acquisition, conversions, and the overall growth of your studio.

TIP: Get your studio community involved by encouraging them to share your fitness business across their personal social media channels and providing you with real-time feedback and testimonials. And use different communication tools to engage them in your branded marketing efforts. Offer incentives for their time, too, like guest passes or discounts on retail. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what your loyal members will do!


Now here are a few of our top strategies for putting your best brand forward as a fitness studio:


Send high-quality, branded emails that boost engagement and wow your clients! 

Well-designed, branded emails come down to two C’s: credibility and consistency. When your emails are visually appealing with branded elements that align with all other marketing facets of your fitness studio (like your colors and typography), it creates an elevated impression that you take professionalism and pride in every email you press send on. Hello, brand recognition. A good-looking, branded, and engaging email will: 

  • Positively impact the perception of your studio brand and build trust
  • Increase the chance of capturing attention and of being remembered by clients
  • Improve open and engagement rates in a crowded inbox 
  • Reinforces brand message and keeps your studio top of mind 

At Walla, our Marketing Suite makes it easy to automate and send beautifully designed emails with our all-new, coming soon branded newsletter feature! No third-party or graphic designer needed. With built-in AI-powered tools and clean, responsive templates to fit your brand look and feel, you can send high-performing, highly engaging email communication that hits the mark every time. Your brand will look and sound its best, enabling you to strengthen your brand identity and achieve better open and click-through rates while streamlining the newsletter and email process by saving your studio time. Plus, the drag-and-drop editor allows you to make changes in seconds. That means your communication is even more engaging, customized, and personalized to your audience and studio brand, empowering you to always stand out. 


Make an impact online and convert more clients with a solid virtual visual identity

You already have a compelling logo, consistent color palette, typography, and imagery that align with your brand's identity and evoke the desired emotions that make your clients book at your studio. But how can all these visual elements enhance your studio brand online—helping you capture more attention on an overcrowded internet? By leveraging every element of your website to:

  • Make your studio brand more compelling, engaging, and accessible online
  • Showcase your offerings in an engaging way to give your studio a competitive advantage 
  • Strong brand identity and clean, responsive online user experience

With Websites by Walla, we are equipping you with every element you need for a website that performs and captures client attention, helping you convert more visitors and leverage the traffic that lands on your site. Including a beautifully designed place for all those client testimonials. We’ll enable your studio to be more searchable and discoverable with a local business schema and a website design that elevates your studio brand, from seamless scheduling and booking widgets to a flow that fits your look and feel at every online touch point. By building you a responsive makes your brand even stronger, you’ll instantly establish credibility and highlight your differentiating value prop. And it doesn’t hurt that our well-designed websites, user-friendly interfaces, and consistent branding elements make it easier for visitors and users to navigate, find information, and engage with your studio, ultimately converting traffic into clients! 


Provide excellent and unique studio experiences

Your brand is not just about visual elements and messaging; it's also about the experiences your clients have at your studio. Whether it’s welcoming them at the front desk or engaging clients after class, focus on providing exceptional customer service, maintaining a clean and inviting environment, and delivering high-quality classes, appointments, and fitness and wellness experiences. Ensure that your instructors and staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to clients’ needs—and use Walla’s stats to measure their impact and performance on clients. 


Positive experiences will reinforce your brand's reputation and encourage studio and brand loyalty by: 

  • Creating memorable experiences so your studio brand makes a lasting impression (and gets them to keep booking!)
  • Boosting perceived value, making your clients want to pay a premium for your studio offerings
  • Showcasing your brand personality through unique class experiences, establishing a cohesive and authentic brand image and strong brand identity that resonates with your studio community 

What is the best part about making your studio brand and experiences extra special? They will naturally generate positive word-of-mouth marketing, significantly impacting your studio's reputation and attracting new clients. Who doesn’t love conversation-worthy moments that clients want to share with their friends, family, and social networks? 

A strong studio brand is important because it enhances brand recognition, differentiation, and competitive advantage—building trust and credibility with your clients and creating a memorable and impactful digital representation of your studio, ultimately driving customer engagement and growth.

Customer retention is the key

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