October 27, 2023

How to Organize Contacts to Optimize Your Studio Marketing With Audiences

Make your marketing communication more effective by easily categorizing your clients!

How to Organize Contacts to Optimize Your Studio Marketing With Audiences

There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your studio’s marketing strategy. Whether we are talking about a new client or nurture email campaigns, how you organize your contacts can make or break performance and communication relevance. It’s the differentiator between targeted, personalized marketing and a general approach (that could miss the mark). Remember, not every marketing message is created equal! That’s where audiences come in. 

In Walla, audiences* are built into your Contact Center and allow every studio on our platform to optimize communication. That means you’ll have a holistic understanding of who your clients are and why they are part of your studio—ultimate revenue and retention drivers. Audiences aim to organize studio contacts, creating highly curated cohorts of individuals that meet specific criteria for your studio communication. And by adding conditions/parameters to your audiences, you can define exactly who is in your audiences and access customized and personalized insights every time you engage with them! Now, that’s the communication differentiator! 

Audiences enable your studio to send the right message to the right people at the right point in their studio journey. Plus, with all your data in one place within Walla, you’re creating a single source of truth for insights about your contacts, making it easy to understand your marketing performance and where your members are at as a whole.

So, what are the benefits of audiences as you dig into segmenting your contacts? It starts with simplification, tracking trends, and targeted sends. 

  • Are you talking to me? By creating audiences, we’ll help you see a clearer picture of who you’re engaging with, who you should be talking to, and what type of messages make the most sense to those specific cohorts of studio members. 
  • Stay organized and effective. Targeting your clients is more effective with audiences by adding conditions* to determine whether someone fits the parameters to be in a custom audience. You’ll know you’re always reaching everyone who meets a particular criteria! 
  • Sending simplification. Creating audiences makes messages more meaningful and enables you to quickly take action—helping real-time communication become more relevant. Straightforward contact organization, that’s what it’s all about! 
  • Maintain and evolve. Audiences are part of a cohesive view of how your studio communication is performing based on built-in data within Walla. When you have a central location to look for details about your clients, you increase accuracy, and nothing will get lost in the shuffle! Also, audiences make it easier to maintain your contacts as your studio grows—helping you decide when and how to engage (or even archive) contacts.  

Now, let’s get down to the significance of creating audiences for your studio’s marketing communication and strategy.



Precision in targeting

This one is straightforward. Audience creation lets you hone in on specific segments. Precision targeting allows you to reach the right clients with the right message, increasing the likelihood of resonance and engagement.


Building a relationship

Communication is not just about sending a message but building a relationship. When your communication is tailored to your specific audience, it shows that you've invested time in understanding them. In turn, this fosters trust, loyalty, and retention. 


Behavioral insights

Audience segmentation often involves considering behaviors. By understanding how different segments interact with your studio, you gain valuable insights—and this knowledge can inform your marketing strategy, helping you optimize campaigns for maximum impact.


Lifecycle marketing

New or long-term, your members go through different stages in their relationship with your studio and brand. Each stage requires a different type of communication, from awareness to consideration, purchase, and advocacy. Creating audiences allows you to map out and address these stages strategically, upselling, engaging, and nurturing those relationships.


Competitive edge

We all know the fitness industry is a competitive market. And understanding your audience can be a key differentiator. If you demonstrate that you know your clients better than your competitors, you're more likely to capture and retain their attention.


Continual adaptation

Markets evolve, and so do your clients. Creating audiences is not a one-time task; it's an ongoing process. Remember to assess your audience segments to stay on top of trends, journeys, and preferences.


Personalized experiences

Personalization goes beyond just addressing someone by their name. It's about crafting experiences that resonate with an individual's needs and aspirations. Audience creation lays the foundation for delivering personalized experiences at scale (while saving time).


Measuring and improving

Effective marketing involves continuous improvement. By creating audiences and monitoring their responses, you can measure the success of your campaigns. This data-driven approach allows for informed adjustments, improving your studio marketing strategy over time.

Creating audiences is a strategic play in modern marketing. It's about recognizing and embracing who your clients are, adapting your message to connect personally, and leveraging data to continually refine and enhance your approach. It's not just about what you say but how well you understand and speak to your members' unique needs.

*For additional information on the number of audiences and conditions you can create according to your Walla tier + plan, please learn more here.

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