February 17, 2023

Increase Revenue and Eliminate In-Studio Intimidation With Courses by Walla

Recorded video series with Walla empower your studio to sell more seasonal and evergreen content any time of year!

Increase Revenue and Eliminate In-Studio Intimidation With Courses by Walla

A hybrid approach to fitness and wellness reflects the movement to more holistic and diverse health experiences, especially in the boutique fitness space where clients are willing to invest in convenience, comfortability, and flexibility to achieve their goals. And as consumers continue to prioritize unique experiences, personalization, social connectivity, and price consciousness, laying the foundation for habit-forming behavior (and eliminating barriers to entry) is crucial. Creating conversation-worthy programs at your studio that instigate and inspire routine is something your prospects and clients are craving. So what’s one way you can create customizable, easily digestible studio-specific content—while making more revenue without adding extra staff—as you tap into the evergrowing in-person and virtual hybrid trend? Courses

Courses with Walla* empower your studio to record, schedule, share, and sell segmented, seasonal, and evergreen video content, enabling your clients to browse and buy virtual experiences that fit their schedule, budget, and goals. Plus, courses allow your studio to market and sell a new offering to different demographics.

Here are a few tactics for successfully creating, selling (and upselling) courses—and how courses can help eliminate fitness/studio intimidation and nurture new clients! 


Build time-sensitive series that align with trends and time of year

Courses can boost engagement and capture client attention, particularly when it comes to seasonal offerings. Think Spring Cleaning for the Soul Yoga Flows, Six-Week Summer Meditation Series, and New Year Detox Challenge. Previously recorded or live, you can set expiration dates for courses to instigate your clients to join your courses in a timely manner and keep the content relevant to the topic. By promoting and suggesting a course collection that can accompany a client’s in-studio routine or inspire a little extra motivation from the comfort of their home, courses offer your community an option to experience something new (which could instigate word-of-mouth marketing!).

Create evergreen courses to target specific audiences and eliminate intimidation

Using courses to educate and engage a subset (or all) clients allows you to sell, publish, and market content to a customizable audience. For prospects new to your fitness vertical that you want to nurture? A great example is Yoga Postures 101. An introductory course like this gives clients the opportunity to experience your studio from the comfort of their home, gain familiarity with your offerings and instructors, and help eliminate the feeling of anxiety and intimidation during their first in-person class in your studio space. Because we’ve all been there, right? 

Sell more high-ticket, high-quality experiences online

Courses empower your studio to produce and share premium content that can be a staple at your studio online. Personalized content specific to an audience can help you market to different clients based on their goals, interests, and achievements. Even a stage in their life! It also allows your fitness business to upsell to an already engaged, loyal client. Prenatal Pilates, Bodyweight Bootcamp for Seniors—you can use studio data and reporting in Walla to influence what high-ticket courses are worth creating based on your demographic and what those clients are willing to pay for a top-notch experience on their terms.

Use courses as a marketing and engagement tool to increase studio spending

Time-sensitive or evergreen, newbie or lifelong student, now you know courses can be created for any type of audience, fitness type, and goals. But how you market your courses is a crucial component of the revenue-generating and awareness equation. If you’re introducing courses or informing your clients about a new addition, you can boost awareness and promote your course offerings using the following:

Promoting customized courses and creating evergreen video content that lives in Walla can not only benefit and positively impact your client's well-being but also helps your brand stay relevant, discoverable, and relatable—and enables your studio to tap into another revenue stream!  

*Courses are a Tier 2 feature but are an easy add-on to your current Walla software plan. Send us a note at hello@hellowalla.com to start selling courses today! 

Customer retention is the key

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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