June 29, 2023

10 Ways to Keep Your Clients Booking During the Busy Summer Months

Vacation, long weekends, family time—here’s how to keep your studio top-of-mind in the warmer months.

10 Ways to Keep Your Clients Booking During the Busy Summer Months

School is out, long weekends are in, bags are packed—and summer is officially underway. That means the A-typical workout schedule (especially regarding daily fitness and wellness routines) might not be the same, and your 7:30 am or 7:00 pm classes might not be as bookable. So how can you keep your clients engaged and connected to your studio during the busy summer months? 

Somewhere between the intersection of convenience and excitement, there’s a scheduling, marketing, and sales strategy that evolves to fit your client's and staff's needs and preferences while offering personalized experiences, seasonal variety, and a sense of community. And you’re not only keeping your classes full, but you’re elevating and differentiating your studio brand by acknowledging and pivoting to fit your target demographic. It could be the moms who travel to the lake house but still want to attend class via livestream or the at-home college student who wants to sleep in but work out mid-morning before brunch or the beach. 

Here are ten easy ways to adapt your studio operations to boost bookings and grow your community without the extra effort. (And you just might find a seasonal business model that could evolve throughout the year!)

Offer summer-specific promotions: Create attractive summer packages or exclusive discounted rates for members or new clients to continue their fitness journey during the season without breaking the bank. Also, consider offering special deals for longer-term commitments to keep them motivated through the end of the year!

Introduce outdoor workouts: Hotel pool deck? Local park? Take advantage of the cooler mornings and longer days by organizing outdoor workouts or classes. This could include activities like boot camps, yoga, or mat Pilates—easy to assemble and little equipment required. Outdoor workouts provide a refreshing change of scenery and add variety to your clients' routines, and can encourage them to invite their friends for a different type of fitness experience.

Organize challenges and competitions: Engage your clients by introducing fitness challenges or competitions with exciting prizes, like the number of classes taken in a month's challenge. These events can create a sense of community and healthy competition among your clients, even if they are out of town, by engaging and staying motivated using your online classes and courses. 

Host social events: Keeping clients engaged with your studio just doesn’t have to be measured by the number of bookings. Plan social events or outings for your clients to foster a sense of community and connection, like a summer BBQ, hiking trip, volunteer event, family craft night, or beach day. These events allow clients to interact with each other and build relationships outside the fitness studio while fostering a deeper connection to your mission and brand. 

Create a summer-friendly schedule: Adjust your class and appointment studio schedule to accommodate the preferences and availability of your clients during the summer months. Offer early morning or late evening classes—and if you’re unsure what class times might work, try using your social media channels or email marketing to poll your clients to see what time of day they would be more likely to book! You’ll engage your community and let them know their opinions matter.

Offer virtual options: Provide virtual livestream classes and video courses for clients who may be traveling or prefer to work out from home during the summer. You will allow them to stay connected with your studio, maintain their fitness routine and stay motivated wherever their summer travel plans take them. 

Incorporate fun, themed classes into your schedule: Introduce fun and unique workouts that align with summer and holidays—and have themes! Even create special playlists that fit the warm weather vibe. You’ll add a limited-time opportunity and an element of excitement that keeps clients motivated to attend.

Communicate regularly: The best way to be connected with your community? Stay in touch! Newsletters, emails, and social media updates—use various channels to share fitness tips, upcoming events, and success stories to keep your clients engaged and informed about what's happening at your studio. And they will always feel connected even when they aren’t physically in your studio walls. 

Create a referral program: Encourage your existing clients to refer their friends, family, and coworkers to your fitness studio. Offer incentives such as discounted membership rates, free classes, guest passes, or exclusive merchandise for successful referrals. This boosts client engagement and helps you expand your client base.

Collaborate with brands: Partner with local businesses to offer joint promotions or cross-promotions. Try teaming up with a nearby healthy cafe or nutritionist to offer discounts or exclusive deals for your clients. An outdoor restaurant for yoga and cocktails. A micro-influencer to lead a class with swag bags at a unique location. Collaborations create a sense of community and add value to your client's fitness journey while using another party to help promote your studio—and share in the fitness and wellness lifestyle love!

Remember, each fitness studio is unique, so adapt these suggestions to fit your client's specific needs and preferences. By consistently providing engaging experiences and fostering a supportive community, you can create a thriving fitness studio that keeps clients engaged during the summer and throughout the year.


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