March 30, 2023

20 Ways to Motivate People to Exercise at Your Fitness Studio

Here are our top tactics to inspire and influence retention.

20 Ways to Motivate People to Exercise at Your Fitness Studio

Wondering about the best ways to motivate your clients to continually exercise and work out at your fitness studio? From class variety and schedule flexibility to inspirational incentives and seasonal challenges, here are the top tactics and tips to help your community to stay committed to their routine and your studio:

1. Set achievable goals

One of the best ways to keep clients motivated to exercise is by setting attainable goals that are realistic and tailored to each client's individual fitness level and ability. Helping your clients identify their goals and breaking them down into smaller, attainable milestones can help them see progress and stay on track.

2. Create a welcoming environment

A clean and welcoming fitness studio with friendly staff can make a huge difference in motivating your clients. Ensure your studio is comfortable and enjoyable and your team is knowledgeable, approachable, and engaging. Encourage your clients to feel at home in your studio, making it an inclusive, safe space for everyone.

3. Offer a variety of classes

Providing a range of classes and workouts can keep your clients engaged—and add an interesting and challenging mix to their routines. Offering different types of classes, such as yoga, strength training, and cardio, can also help clients work on various aspects of their fitness and wellness and prevent boredom.

4. Celebrate progress

Celebrating your clients' accomplishments is crucial for motivation and retention. Recognize their hard work and efforts, and encourage them to keep pushing themselves. Make sure you highlight both small and big achievements and always continue to provide positive reinforcement. Plus, Walla’s Milestone Automations make it seamless to engage clients when a specific studio accomplishment is met. 

5. Personalize their experience

Tailoring workouts to your client's needs and preferences is key to motivating them. It will help them feel they are progressing and their efforts are being recognized. Get to know your clients and their fitness goals, and create customized yet attainable workout plans.

6. Track progress

Keeping and sharing your client's progress with them can help keep them motivated. Show them how far they have come, and help them set new goals to work towards. You can track progress through measurements like strength gains and flexibility or subjective measures like how they feel after a workout. 

7. Give feedback

Offering constructive feedback to your clients can help them improve their technique and form—and keep them focused and motivated to return to your studio. Positive reinforcement can go a long way, but make sure your feedback is honest and specific. Let your clients know what they are doing well, and suggest areas where they can improve. 

8. Provide social support

Creating a supportive community at your fitness studio is essential for creating a client community that inspires bookings and a deeper relationship with your studio brand. Foster social connections between clients, and encourage them to cheer each other on and celebrate each other's successes, helping create a sense of accountability and motivation for your clients.

9. Be accessible

Being available to your clients outside of class can help keep them motivated. Respond to their questions and concerns promptly and with empathy. Encourage your clients to contact you if they need additional support or guidance.

10. Offer incentives

Creating a rewards program or offering discounts to clients who reach certain milestones or achieve specific goals can help keep them engaged. This can help clients feel like their efforts are being recognized and that they are working towards something tangible.

11. Create challenges

Hosting fitness challenges or competitions can keep your clients moving and working towards a specific goal as a collective community. Make sure your challenges are attainable yet tough, and provide benefits and prizes for clients who participate and succeed.

12. Use technology

Utilizing technology can enhance your client's experience and help keep them motivated. Offer online or livestream classes, personalized training plans, and fitness-tracking apps to help them stay on track. 

13. Offer nutritional advice

Providing your clients with nutritional advice can help them positively change their overall health and fitness. Offer tips and guidance on healthy eating habits and recommend supplements or other products to help support their fitness goals and make your clients feel more confident in their overall health, wellness, and workout routine.

14. Create a positive atmosphere

Instilling a positive and uplifting atmosphere at your fitness studio can go a long way in keeping clients motivated. Play upbeat music, use bright colors and natural lighting, and create an energizing and welcoming atmosphere. Encourage your clients to bring positive energy and enthusiasm to their workouts, and make sure your staff sets the tone for a positive environment.

15. Encourage competition

Encourage clients to push themselves and compete with their peers in a supportive and positive environment through healthy competition, like challenges inside and outside of class. 

16. Promote flexibility

Flexible scheduling options can help keep clients motivated and committed to their workout routine. Offer classes at different times of day and on different days of the week to accommodate a range of schedules. Provide options for livestream classes or remote training with online courses to help clients stay engaged even when they cannot make it to the studio.

17. Keep it fun!

Incorporating exciting and joyful elements into your classes and workouts can help keep clients engaged and motivated. Use games, music, and other interactive features. Ensure your clients enjoy the different elements of their fitness routine at your studio because they will be more likely to stick with it.

18. Provide education

Offering educational resources and workshops can keep client motivation and inspiration high. Offer workshops on topics like injury prevention, nutrition, and recovery. Hire or bring in fitness and wellness professionals to lead these sessions. Provide resources like videos, articles, and podcasts to help clients stay informed and engaged with their fitness routines.

19. Create a sense of community

Instilling a sense of community among your clients can help keep them motivated and engaged. Encourage clients to bring friends and family to class and create a welcoming environment that facilitates lasting social connections. Host events, like parties, giving back opportunities, or fitness outings, that allow clients to connect with each other outside of the studio. 

20. Lead by example

As a fitness instructor, you are a role model for your clients. Leading by example and demonstrating a commitment to health and wellness can inspire your clients to stay motivated and committed to their fitness goals. Practice what you preach and show your clients what it means to lead a healthy, balanced, positive, and active lifestyle.

At the end of the day, keeping your clients motivated comes down to defining what your studio means to them and building and creating connections and a community that becomes an integral part of their everyday lives! 

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