June 2, 2023

How Livestream Is a Valuable Tool to Keep Your Clients On Track and Engaged this Summer

Our direct integration with Zoom makes taking classes from anywhere an easy-to-book breeze!

How Livestream Is a Valuable Tool to Keep Your Clients On Track and Engaged this Summer

As a boutique fitness studio, it’s your goal to empower your clients to discover and embrace movement while creating a community that becomes a valuable connection in their everyday lives. And part of that includes making your classes (and studio) accessible wherever they are—whether it’s from the comfort of their home, the four walls of your business, or a beachside bungalow on vacation. That’s where the value of virtual comes into play! 

Maybe your studio currently sells online classes, or you’re considering expanding your schedule offerings. Tapping into booking flexibility with livestream classes is a way to give your clients options—and enable you to market and sell more plans and promote convenience to your clients. Good thing Walla has a seamless Zoom integration that makes taking high-quality classes online a breeze! 

How can expanding your livestream options this summer be a valuable tool for increasing client engagement, revenue, and retention? It starts with giving them the livestream classes they can take anywhere, like doing yoga in their backyard to Pilates poolside on a family vacation. (Just think, your studio is traveling the world while keeping your clients on track!) 

Here are the top seven reasons livestream matters during any season, especially during the warmer months! 

Flexibility, convenience, and consistency

Livestreaming allows your clients to participate in classes from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they may be during the summer, eliminating the need to travel to your studio and saving them time and effort while maintaining booking consistency. They can join classes at a time that suits their schedule, making it easier to stay committed and on track with their fitness goals. Plus, we eliminate any virtual class log-in questions with automatic link generation and communication. And if you want to add a little extra flexibility for your staff during the summer months, empower them to teach their livestream classes from their backyard, the neighborhood park—even somewhere remote and cool. Let them get creative! 

Variety and specialized classes that fit their wellness routine


With livestream your studio can utilize a virtual vertical to offer a wide range of classes and cater to different fitness preferences. You can incorporate various workouts at your studio, such as yoga, HIIT, dance, or strength training, to keep your clients engaged and motivated throughout the summer. We also give you the ability to price the types of livestream classes you are offering individually—and even create livestream or hybrid plans and discounts for the warmer months, so you can sell classes to members and non-members based on the worth and perceived value that best fits their schedule and budget. 

Personalized connections, interactions (and playlists!)

Just because you are hosting a fitness session virtually doesn’t mean you can’t deepen your client connection to your studio and foster a sense of community! Livestreaming classes can still provide opportunities for personalized interaction between instructors and clients. You can use chat features or dedicated Q&A sessions during or after the class to address individual concerns, provide modifications or adaptations, and offer guidance. This personal touch helps your clients feel supported and motivated, even in a virtual environment. Also, consider an email marketing campaign that promotes livestream this summer to your clients and engages them with opportunities to contribute—like giving you their favorite warm weather song request so you can create a customized, seasonal playlist! 

The feeling of accountability and success


Livestream classes provide a sense of accountability for your clients. Knowing that they have committed to attending a class at a specific time can help them stay motivated and dedicated to their fitness routine, eliminating excuses they can’t get into the studio. They are more likely to prioritize their workouts and make the necessary arrangements to participate, knowing they can access your classes at a specific time from any location! The best part? Once your client books a livestream class, we will auto-generate and send a booking confirmation containing the class details, option to add to calendar, and the clickable Zoom link. Plus, we will automatically send the clickable Zoom link to clients via email or text—according to their marketing opt-in preferences—right before the class begins, minimizing the “I forgot” and maximizing results. 

Customization and adaptability for all fitness levels 

When creating, marketing, and selling livestream classes, it’s worth analyzing the data of your most popular classes (and class levels) when considering what might be most successful. Livestream classes can be tailored to meet the needs and goals of your clients. You can offer different difficulty levels or modifications within a single class, catering to individuals with varying fitness levels or specific requirements. This customization ensures that participants feel challenged yet comfortable, increasing their satisfaction and likelihood of sticking to their fitness and wellness schedule. You can also use livestream as an entry point for your studio to new prospects and clients who might feel intimidated and want to get familiar with your studio. 

Motivation, energy, and time-saving functionality



Livestreaming classes can generate a unique energy and motivation among participants. The live aspect of the classes creates a dynamic and interactive environment where clients can feel connected to the instructor and their fellow participants. The shared experience, encouragement, and positive atmosphere can uplift their spirits and boost their motivation, making it easier to maintain their fitness routine during summer. You can also save your staff time (because we all know every moment of sunshine counts) by enabling them to instantly review the roster in real-time and start class directly from the check-in screen 

Understand livestream class performance 


Are livestream classes a revenue generator? Do you see an uptick in summertime promotions? If you’re curious how your attendance is trending when it comes to in-person versus livestream, Walla’s Class Attendance report showcases easy-to-digest data based on class check-in. By being able to compare studio attendance based on how your clients are taking classes, you can optimize what class options your studio is offering and see if there’s an influx in online attendance, especially when it comes to the specific months when the weather is a factor for coming into the studio for class.

By offering livestream classes at your studio, you empower clients to stay on track with their fitness goals throughout the summer. The convenience, flexibility, variety, personalized interaction, community engagement, and access to expertise all create a positive and supportive environment that encourages commitment and progress.

Customer retention is the key

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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