May 12, 2023

4 Ways Walla’s Fully-Integrated Marketing Suite is Increasing Conversions with Highly-Personalized Client Interactions

Earn more with built-in marketing technology created for your studio.

4 Ways Walla’s Fully-Integrated Marketing Suite is Increasing Conversions with Highly-Personalized Client Interactions

A strong studio marketing strategy isn’t just an essential tool for your fitness business—it’s an investment. But how you execute and streamline marketing significantly impacts retention, attracting new prospects, staying competitive, and increasing revenue. And automating the steps between marketing and sales gives your staff more time to focus on client relationships, communication, and nurturing new leads who can become long-term members. 

So how can you market your studio efficiently and effectively in a competitive industry without using just another add-on or third-party marketing product? With Walla’s all-new, all-in-one marketing suite, we’re giving you a richer, more detailed picture of client behavior at your studio, empowering you to boost conversions, earn more, and elevate your studio brand. Our built-in, fully-integrated email, automation, and engagement platform features industry-first personality insights and timely proven communication that converts and performs, including:

  • Automatically send individual, segmented messaging to increase sales with highly-personalized interactions 
  • Set-and-forget automations enable you to launch expertly curated campaigns, so you continually drive revenue without any extra effort 
  • Win back more clients and improve retention by sending the right message at the right time
“We are in a highly-personal industry asking clients to do something that isn’t easy—like dedicate time away from work and family and carve out space for their own well-being. When you can speak directly to clients' needs, personality, and experience, they will feel the difference,” says Laura Munkholm, co-founder and president of Walla. “You’ll create a sense of connection and loyalty that keeps them booking and coming back for more, even when it’s a tough choice.” 

And with a real-time data sync that constantly communicates with your Walla software, your client data will always be precise, so your messaging always lands wherever they are in their studio journey. 

“The best part? It’s all under the Walla umbrella,” says Laura. “No extra logins, no learning new systems. No frustrating gaps in the data. Walla’s marketing suite works instantaneously, is always accurate, and highly customizable. No other platform can promise all of that.”

Are you ready to market better with Walla’s marketing technology built for your boutique studio business? Here’s a look at fully-integrated features and how they can help you convert every client, deepen relationships, and that connection that keeps them booking and buying at your fitness business. 

#1 - Journeys: Connect with clients when it matters most 


At Walla, we created Journeys so you could easily optimize every marketing path (and campaign) by creating high-performing and engaging communication via perfectly sequenced automations. Meaning no client gets lost in the shuffle or falls between the communication cracks! Whether it’s tracking and converting from individual intro offer to membership, celebrating milestones to foster brand loyalty, or using win-back opportunities to retain more clients, Walla’s pre-built Journeys enables you to customize client messaging using stacked automations for better, smarter action-oriented engagement.

One feature the Walla team loves?

AI-powered technology to create emails and imagery so your studio brand always looks and sounds its best 

#2 - Newsletters + Scheduled Emails: Capture client attention with beautifully designed communication 


Isn’t it about time to stand out in your client's inbox? Because we all know how many emails we get inundated with daily. Now you can increase open rates with fully personalized emails built to complement your brand. And if you want to get even more segmented for better results, you can customize individual emails based on a client personality type with Walla! Save time and Easily reinforce branding with dynamic, top-notch templates that look good on any device and our AI-powered email and newsletter tool to keep your clients in the know and at the top of your priority list with every email you send.

One feature the Walla team loves?

The super-simple drag-and-drop email editor to add, delete, clone, and rearrange content blocks, text, social links, and more in seconds! Oh, and the customizable email footer so your emails and newsletters match the accurate studio location. (Ok, we named two!)

#3 - Automations: Hyper-personalized, curated audiences and communication that always lands 


With Walla, it’s all about the right message at the right time—and our built-in and proven automations empower your studio to do just that. Our marketing suite helps your studio customize every marketing touchpoint and maximize revenue with relatable and reliable communication to every phase of an individual client’s studio journey. Constantly updated, dynamic audiences enable your automations to be perfectly targeted every time, and since our marketing capabilities are built directly into our platform, you’re never second-guessing the accuracy of your client data. And through highly-curated groups, we like to call Audiences, you can search and find client details faster, improving sales by reaching specific studio contacts with timely, spot-on messaging and purchasing opportunities. 

One feature the Walla team loves?

Tagging! Tagging allows you to categorize and color code your contacts, keeping you in control of who receives what communication based on their activity. A win for your clients and a win for strategic messaging! 

#4 - Conversions: Sell More Plans with Optimized Automations and Trackable Conversions (coming soon!)


Understanding what’s working—and what’s not—when it comes to sales opportunities is a game changer. Especially if you don’t need to do a lot of work to see those insights. With conversions, Walla gives you clear insights on performance, allowing you to automatically track intro offers to plan purchases for individual clients. By having this knowledge, you can act on your data and make smarter business decisions based on the success of your automations. Plus, you can instantly attach an intended conversion to any client communication, targeting and nurturing them at important points, and easily measure the results to inform future actions. 

One feature the Walla team loves?

Best-in-class reporting so you can analyze opportunities—and top performers—enabling you to confidently make changes and sell more plans and understand exactly what type of communication is impacting client conversions  

A few other marketing features that will be part of our suite:

  • Tasks: Automate marketing to-do’s so your staff can send targeted communication to specific audiences, contacts, or tags
  • Funnels: Customized funnel for leads based on studio criteria so you can track their actions, optimizing sale opportunities
  • Landing Pages: Choose from performance-based templates and create a branded web page in minutes for special events and more

By integrating a marketing suite into the Walla platform with a list of growing features, we are confident that ultimate client personalization will positively impact your studio—from retention to revenue to plans sold. 

Interested in learning more? Get the first look and exclusive access to a demo of Walla’s all-new marketing, communication, and engagement features!

Walla Marketing Suite pricing is based on tier and locations:

  • With Tier 1 Software Package: $289 per month (+ $129 per month for additional locations) 
  • With Tier 2 Software Package: $189 per month (+ $49 per month for additional locations) 

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