December 30, 2022

What’s Up at Walla: Measure Performance with Marketing Automation Stats

Here are the final Walla software feature and product updates for 2022!

What’s Up at Walla: Measure Performance with Marketing Automation Stats

Increasing studio engagement and simplifying the client experience is always a plus. But giving you the features and functions to streamline and maximize these touchpoints? Now that’s a time-saving bonus for your business operations and retention.

In our latest release, we’re giving you the tools to measure marketing automation performance, eliminate plan change confusion, and book via Android—just to name a few! So what has made it into Walla to help your studio grow and capture new client attention going into a new year? 

Understand how your automations perform 

Our all-new Marketing Automation Reports offer easy-to-understand data on who and how your clients engage with automation communication individually. You can quickly access automation stats under Reporting in the side navigation or under the Marketing Center next to the name of a specific automation trigger to see performance. Each summary of stats for an individual automation communication (like Intro Offer Welcome) will showcase the details of the marketing funnel for a period of time and location and include:

  • Sent: How many clients were contacted 
  • Delivered: Number received by clients 
  • Opened: How many clients opened automation communication
  • Clicked-Through: Number that engaged with the call to action (CTA)

For every single automation, you’ll also get personalized reporting on the client’s name who received the automation and if they got it via email or text*—along with delivered, opened, and clicked in side-by-side columns. This reporting can help you discover ways to optimize your automation communication and follow-up with clients to help increase sales, impact retention, and reduce churn at key points in their studio journey.

View specific enrollment details in seconds

This is one product feature update you’ve been asking for! Now you can view individual details for all active enrollments under a client profile. This information can be easily accessed by selecting a client on an enrollment roster and includes account specifics regarding booking, price, deposit paid, and payment plan—just to name a few! You will also be able to view transactions made in relation to the enrollment, edit scheduled payments, retry payments and instantly update the payment method to a credit card on file. All the enrollment details you need for a client all in one concise place!

Celebrate success, encourage bookings, and positively impact client engagement 

Client milestones are the easiest (and best) ways to recognize accomplishments. With our Milestone Automations, you can utilize visit-based triggers with customizable copy to target clients when they reach specific milestones (1, 10, 25, 50, and 100 visits). By automatically acknowledging their success, you’re authentically motivating clients to create a deeper connection to your studio community while suggesting classes, offering guest passes, and asking for social proof you can use in everyday marketing. 

You can now download the Walla app on Android devices 

The Walla app is available in Google Play for all your clients on Android! We know you’ve been waiting! Whether it’s a QR code at the front desk or a push notification, share the Android app link with your clients and let them know it’s the simplest way to manage their account, find studio updates, and book classes using their preferred mobile device! 

A few other key product updates, features, and functions that made it in this release: 

  • Promotion code redemption details: See exactly who has used promo codes at your studio, what they used the promo code on—and which promo codes are effective.
  • Add individual promo codes to purchases: Utilize promo codes to individual plans, products and/or retail items, or apply them to the overall purchase based on promo code restrictions and rules.

Questions about our latest release? Learn more by checking out our support articles! Please note, you must be logged in to Walla to access this support content.

*Two-way texting is a Tier 2 feature. Please contact our team to learn more about the benefits!

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