May 25, 2023

Automate and Organize Your Instructor Sub Requests This Summer

Easily keep track of your instructor schedules and make sure every class or appointment has a staff member!

Automate and Organize Your Instructor Sub Requests This Summer

Substitute instructor requests are all about communication. But if you miss a sticky note or forget to answer an email or text—especially during the summer, when it’s all about sunshine, vacation, and days off—you’ll get stuck searching for a last-minute replacement. It’s time to eliminate the panic, confusion, and manual work when finding and scheduling replacement instructors by automating the process with Walla’s sub management* feature

Our substitute instructor process is built to save key studio stakeholders (like you!) time and keep you confident, knowing Walla’s technology has the sub process covered behind the scenes. That means you don’t have to think twice about who is leading class when a teacher is out, you can instantly keep your clients (and schedule) up-to-date, and you don’t have to pay an unreliable third party to project manage the details. You’re now the smooth substitute operator! 

“This has been one of our favorite features,” says Christine DeFilippis, founder of Pop Fit Studio. “So easy, and our team loves it, too!"

So what makes Walla’s built-in sub management functionality stand out and keep your business operations rimming according to plan without extra effort during times of the year when your instructors want time off? Whether it’s beach days, long weekends or summer holidays with family and friends, we’re helping you keep your classes and appointments staffed every day of the week!

Hello, freedom, flexibility, and real-time availability


The summer season often brings about increased unpredictability in staff availability. Vacations, personal commitments, and other activities can lead to instructor absences. By automating the substitute instructor process with Walla, you get a concise, informative overview of all open, pending, and approved sub-requests based on month, class, location, and instructor, establishing and streamlining a pool of qualified substitute instructors who can step in. This feature and flexibility ensure that classes can continue as scheduled, minimizing disruptions for members.

Maintaining member retention and satisfaction


Maintaining member satisfaction and happiness in your studio services is crucial for the success of your fitness business. And during the summer, when your clients may have more free time and flex schedules to increase their focus on their wellness goals, providing uninterrupted access to classes is a non-negotiable. That’s where hybrid plans and livestream can be extra beneficial. Our sub overview lets you easily see what requests are still outstanding so you can be proactive and make sure you’re not missing someone on your schedule. You can also add a new request and customize communication preferences. Plus, we created an automatic alert bell for unanswered and unassigned requests within 48 hours of class time; that way, you keep classes constantly available, keep your studio in mind, and reduce the likelihood of cancelations and client churn. 

Saving time with more efficient staff management


Automating the substitute instructor process with Walla streamlines the administrative tasks, so you’re no longer stuck managing who teaches a class when an instructor is out! (We all know every moment counts when running a business!) Instead of spending valuable time and resources manually searching for replacements, our sub management feature is a one-stop, mobile-friendly shop built into Walla that your staff will appreciate. And when you confirm who will be subbing, our system magically updates your studio schedule, showing clients schedule changes. Now they are always in the know—giving your staff members time to focus on other essential tasks and responsibilities, such as member engagement and marketing. 

Stronger sense of reliability and community 

Walla’s sub management tool enables instructors to find, review, and select the classes they want to teach and automatically alert studio managers/owners for approval. Teachers can choose one or multiple classes they would like to have subbed, send volunteer opportunities to qualified staff—and interested instructors can select the “I’ll take it!” prompt. If the sub is approved, you can choose their assigned pay rate, and your studio schedule will be instantly updated. This process instigates reliability within and amongst staff members, building a network of instructors, developing relationships, and fostering a more positive internal work culture at your studio. 

Professional development opportunities that will benefit your business

Like any professional, fitness instructors benefit from opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge further. Summer or another season, automating studio substitutions enables regular instructors to take time off for vacations or attend training and development programs without worrying about class coverage. And with automatic notifications, instructors will know the status of their coverage, avoiding any errors or missed connections while empowering them to expand their skillset and bring something new to the table—and class schedule—encouraging growth and the quality of instruction provided to members.

Keeping business continuity while avoiding burnout

The summer season can be challenging for fitness studios, as attendance levels may fluctuate due to vacations or outdoor activities, so maintaining a consistent class schedule even during quieter periods is important for revenue and retention. While Walla’s automated sub management keeps consistency, it also allows your staff to proactively make sub requests when they need a break from teaching. It also helps instructors avoid injuries, which could take them off the calendar for some time. We’re making it easy for instructors to submit their requests, establishing an environment where classes can continue without interruption or last-minute cancellations while providing your clients with reliable in-person and virtual fitness experiences.  

Here’s some additional insight into the benefits of sub management from Laura, President and Co-founder of Walla!

*Sub Management is a Tier 2 feature at Walla but is an easy add-on to your software plan. Send us a quick message at to learn more.

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