November 26, 2023

What’s Up at Walla: Recurring Appointments Allow You to Earn More While Saving Time

Here are the most recent Walla software features and product updates!

What’s Up at Walla: Recurring Appointments Allow You to Earn More While Saving Time

Whether it’s helping amplify your studio schedule (while still saving time) to quickly filtering reports, separating fee policies, and protecting private staff information, this product release is focused on making your fitness business operations even more streamlined—and profitable.

Recurring appointments: Stay booked, save time 

As we continue to roll out recurring appointments, you can now schedule out your high-quality, high-priced studio sessions, like Private Pilates, every Tuesday at 11 a.m. That means your schedule stays organized, full, and even more bookable. Matching the usual Walla appointment scheduling flow, when you choose a date to make the recurring appointment, you have the option to select weekly recurring dates! A lot of recurring, a lot of revenue-generating impact! Plus, when a client books a recurring appointment, we’ll ensure you’re covered if there’s a late cancellation or no-show. And if a client pack or plan runs out during the sessions, you’ll have the ability to instantly re-up so they can continue attending—and achieving their goals. (Recurring appointments can only be scheduled via the front desk functionality.)

Unpaid appointments: Ultimate flexibility by settling up in person 

Just like it sounds, your clients can book appointments and pay IRL when they arrive at the studio. (And your staff can book an unpaid appointment for them directly at the front desk!) Talk about ultimate convenience and flexibility. We’re letting your clients experience your studio while still protecting you by confirming a valid credit card on file in case something comes up! 

Late cancel and no-show fees: Customize how you want to collect 

Late cancellation and no-show fees are separated in Walla, so you can define and decide individual details and fee collection based on why the client didn’t attend class. 

Payouts Report: Filter down by bank accounts to see the exact data you need

You asked; we answered! Walla’s Payout Report can be filtered by a specific, preferred date range and bank account. That means you can see payout totals per bank account, enabling you to review what and when you want to see regarding financials. 

Marketing automations: See exactly who is qualified for communication— and who isn’t!

Want a better understanding of marketing automation performance? Now, you can view a qualified column and tab to see who is qualified but not sent and why it wasn’t sent so you can instantly address the issue. Plus, you can review bounce rates and newsletter stats to have an informed overview of what is working regarding your marketing email sends. 

A few other *key* features for this release: 

  • Staff pay rates options: With a streamlined design, you can choose a None, Flat Rate, or Alternative Hourly pay rate to assign to specific employees, including updates to enrollment and appointment base rate payment options 
  • Enrollment billing cycle: Deposits will be charged immediately, and the date of first payment for an enrollment can be selected at checkout—and any remaining balances will be billed monthly
  • Class booking reminder: All booking reminders made prior to the day before class start time will be sent a reminder 24 hours in advance (if booking is made under 24 hours before class start time, no reminder will be sent)
  • Payroll Report filter: Select the particular date range you want to view 
  • Client plan history: In their client profile, see a timeline of plan purchases and details, including pauses, changes, updates—you name it! 
  • Staff profile information: Under an individual team member profile, the Employment Tab is now renamed to Sensitive Info to make it clear what details are included there
  • Know clients booked: The client booking tab will show how they booked (like what device and version of the iOS Walla app) to help eliminate customer service inquiries 
  • SMS message communications: Every new cell number at your studio that opted into text messages will automatically get a “Data rates may apply” notification in their first SMS message
  • Marketing Suite condition: Future booking and waitlist will include class details, including location, class name, and instructor
  • Date on client profile bookings tab: The day of the week when a class takes place will be displayed in the upcoming bookings tab

Questions about Walla features? Check out our support library! Please note you must be logged in to Walla to access this support content. 

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