April 25, 2024

Top Tips For Increasing Studio Email Opt-ins and Reducing Unsubscribes

Eliminate email fatigue, boost engagement and interest, and tout exclusive content!

Top Tips For Increasing Studio Email Opt-ins and Reducing Unsubscribes

Inboxes (and consumers) are experiencing email overload. With over 361.6 billion emails sent worldwide daily, it’s no wonder why email fatigue exists—and why your clients are hesitant to opt in to your studio emails. So, why might your members be reluctant to subscribe to your marketing emails—even as a brand and business they trust—how can you encourage sign-ups, and why is email marketing so important to your business strategy? We are breaking down the techniques, tips, and need-to-knows that can boost your email subscribers and increase conversions, education, and studio visibility. 

Email 101: Why email marketing is a crucial tool to your fitness business sales and engagement strategy   

The best type of direct communication: Email provides a direct line of communication and engagement with your members. Unlike social media or other marketing channels, emails land directly in subscribers' inboxes, allowing you to reach them personally with compelling content. Tip: Don’t just send an email for the sake of it. Be intentional with your messaging. Think about the offers, content, etc., you would want to read, which will naturally decrease unsubscribes.  

Broader reach and accessibility: With billions of email users worldwide (and everyone having a virtual address nowadays), email marketing offers unparalleled reach. Email is a universal communication tool accessible to all demographics and locations.
Tip: When collecting client emails, think of them as a sales pitch—from studio insight to exclusive offers and content, what will they get by signing up? And promise not to spam! 

Cost-effective strategy: Email marketing is highly cost-effective compared to traditional marketing channels like print advertising. It requires minimal resource investment and can deliver significant returns on investment (ROI).
Tip: Yes, use email as a marketing tool, but also use it as a sales and engagement tool to foster brand connection and loyalty. Sprinkle in messaging to convert and make purchases, but also give your clients a reason to want to learn more and deepen their connection to your brand. 

A focus on targeted messaging: Email marketing allows for highly targeted messaging. You can segment your email list based on factors like demographics, interests, past purchases, or behavior, ensuring that your messages are relevant to each recipient.
Once you have client emails, segment them based on their studio journey, especially when upselling. Are they a newbie that you want to convert from an intro offer to a class 10-pack? Or are they seasoned members who are more likely to attend an advanced workshop? 

The power of personalization: Personalization is critical to effective marketing, and email enables you to personalize your messages based on subscriber data. By addressing recipients by name and tailoring content to their preferences, you can create more engaging and impactful campaigns.
Remember, not every message is created equal. Being more thoughtful about customizing your messaging will only benefit engagement and conversions, as no one wants an email in their inbox that totally misses the mark. 

Measurable results you can use: Email marketing provides valuable insights into campaign performance. You can track metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize future efforts.
Use this data to optimize your email marketing strategy and upsell opportunities. Whether positioning a CTA higher in your communication or shortening the content shared, understanding email performance better will only increase engagement. 

Check out this webinar on client communication with industry expert Cat Zbar! 

Clear communication, incentives, and value: How to encourage clients to opt-in to your emails

Building an engaged email list is essential for maintaining communication with current members, nurturing potential clients, and effectively promoting your studio services.

Be straightforward with the benefits: Clearly explain the benefits of subscribing to your studio's emails. Let clients know what valuable content, offers, and updates they will receive by opting in. Highlight exclusive access to promotions, fitness tips, event invitations, and special discounts.

Incentives and offers: Tout incentives to encourage opt-ins! Provide a discount on their next class, free class, or studio merch for those who subscribe within a specific timeframe. Your members are likelier to opt in if they perceive immediate value and a sense of urgency.

Opt-in during registration: Use this time during the new client registration process to remind them of the options and benefits of enrolling in your emails. Make it an easy and integrated part of the sign-up process to capture them when studio interest is high.

Reminders on your website (or in your app!): Promote email subscriptions on your website or highlight them in your Walla app announcements. Use visually appealing pop-ups, banners, or dedicated sections to encourage visitors and clients to subscribe to your emails.

Offer exclusive content: Provide a sneak peek of the type of content subscribers will receive. Share engaging content such as workout tips, healthy recipes, success stories, discounts, member highlights, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of your studio, upcoming events, partnerships, and more. Exclusive content can entice clients to want more and opt in to your emails.

Social media promotion: Promote your email list on your studio's social media channels. Share teasers of the content subscribers receive and invite followers to join your email list for exclusive updates and offers.

Referral program: Implement a referral program where existing clients can earn rewards, merch, guest passes (which are super-easy in Walla), or discounts for referring friends who opt in to your studio's emails. This not only incentivizes opt-ins but also helps grow your email list through word-of-mouth marketing—the best type of marketing!

Host events or workshops: Use your studio space to host special events, workshops, wellness activations, or seminars exclusively for email subscribers. These events can showcase the value of being part of your email community and encourage attendees to sign up for future communications.

Consistent value adds: Once clients opt in to your emails, consistently deliver value. Ensure that your emails provide relevant, engaging, and valuable content that keeps subscribers interested and eager to continue receiving communications from your studio.

And what are some rebuttals to the excuses for not subscribing?

When individuals hesitate to opt in to your fitness studio's emails, it's an opportunity to address their concerns and showcase the value of subscribing. 

Address privacy (and spam) concerns: Assure your members that their privacy is respected and their information will be kept secure. Highlight your commitment to data protection and provide links to your privacy policy for transparency. Also, internally, be mindful of your email strategy, send frequency, and segmentation so your subscribers don’t feel overwhelmed or numb to your messaging.

Share success stories: This is where you tap into your community and provide real value! Highlight testimonials or success stories from current members who have benefited from your studio's programs and services. Hearing about real-life experiences can alleviate doubts, demonstrate the value of being part of your community, and foster a deeper connection with your mission and fitness modality.

Customize content: It’s all about the right message at the right time. Assure potential subscribers that your emails will be tailored to their interests and preferences. Offer options for selecting the types of content they want to receive, whether it's wellness tips, nutrition advice, promotions, newsletters, or updates on upcoming events.

Discuss email overwhelm: Acknowledge that inboxes can get crowded, but highlight that your studio emails are curated to provide valuable and relevant content supporting their fitness and wellness journey. Assure them that you respect their time and will only send content worth their attention (and remember, send content that is eye-catching, interesting, and something *you* want to read).

Follow up with value: If someone declines to opt in initially, consider following up with additional value or incentives in a personalized follow-up email. This could be an exclusive offer or invitation to a special event only available to subscribers. If you notice increased unsubscribes, approach your members and ask them what they prefer to read and see.

By implementing these strategies and prioritizing email marketing, you can effectively encourage clients to opt in to your studio's emails, building a solid email list of engaged subscribers continually interested in your studio's offerings.

Customer retention is the key

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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