August 31, 2023

Instantly and Easily Track Studio KPIs with Walla's Plan Gain/Loss Report

Our studio management platform simplifies how you measure and analyze plan details so you can make better business decisions.

Instantly and Easily Track Studio KPIs with Walla's Plan Gain/Loss Report

Reporting is a non-negotiable for your fitness studio. Enabling you to digest and analyze data quickly—from member retention to profitability to sales—is a differentiating factor that can empower success and give you the confidence to be decisive. And making informed business decisions is crucial to success. 

With Walla’s updated Plan Gain/Loss Report, our intuitive platform streamlines, filters, compares, and tracks plan sale metrics, instantly identifying areas of strength and loss while showcasing growth opportunities. At its foundation, this report is built to help you optimize how (and who) your studio sells to. The data can be directly used to inform your sales and marketing strategy, enabling you to rethink, reevaluate, and increase plan promotion and communication to new clients, prospects, and long-term members based on your studio KPIs. 

Your studio will get a better understanding and insights into the following:

  • Areas to improve plan sales, studio performance, and measurable trends 
  • A better understanding of member retention, purchasing and booking behaviors, and preferences 
  • The allocation of marketing and sales efforts, determining efficiency, and ensuring a better return on investment 
  • Comparable performance over specific periods—and what improvements might be needed to stay competitive 

So how can the updates and enhancements to Walla’s Plan Gain/Loss Report positively disrupt and influence your bottom line as your studio grows? It starts with easy-to-understand data and a colorful layout that is engaging while illustrating all the accurate metrics you need to know, like if your staff is hitting their plan or membership sales on a month-over-month basis and a summary of current net plans based on the previous month.  

It’s all in the details: A more all-encompassing view for plan performance 

Though this report may look similar to studios who regularly review the data, the Walla team has streamlined an all-encompassing view of plans for a selected period directly from the hover state. You’ll be able to instantly see the net plans in a snapshot, including: 

  • Plans you started with
  • Plans you ended with
  • Plans lost
  • Plans gained/retained 
  • Plans added 

For example, you started July with 226 plans, and by the end of the month, you lost seven plans, meaning you retained 96% of your studio plans and added/sold 17 more—a net gain of 10. You can also see if the lost plans have expired, completed, or canceled, giving you accurate insight into the different reasons for the loss. 

The exact data you want to see: Optimized filters to give you specific metrics based on preferences

You asked, and the Walla team listened! When you tap on a bar graph from the Plan Gain/Loss Report, you can filter by plan status. And from this view, you can immediately analyze:

  • New Plans 
  • Expired/Completed Plans 
  • Canceled Plans 
  • Returning Plans

Returning Plans will now also include paused plans and paused memberships. We wanted the data to be as accurate as possible because there are many ways to pause plans, which can straddle multiple months. You’ll also see plan upgrades and downgrades according to color-coded individual client notations. Plus, you can filter down plans per category, like Limited Plans or Only Plans with Member Status, to find and compare the exact data you need for your fitness business. These filters also translate to the overall graph view for the Plan Gain/Loss Report.  

Compare and contrast: Simplify your studio plan data by timeframe and location 

The Plan Gain/Loss Report gives you filter flexibility and lets you get granular with the data. Maybe you only want to see plans that grant member stats with the 10-class cards for February—or all new plans sold since last month. Walla gives you the metrics you want and need to make informed decisions without wasting time digging around for averages, net gain, or numbers. In the Plan Gain/Loss Report, Walla will always compare to the previous timeframe selected or graph on the report, whether it’s a singular month or year. You can also look at the plan data based on studio location, giving insight into net plan gain and loss. 

Transparent reporting within the plan realm provides essential information for data-driven decision-making that can improve studio sales performance and the overall success of your fitness business. It’s a fundamental aspect of effective management and growth—and Walla’s reporting is here to help every step of the way. 

Watch our co-founder, Laura Munkholm, give a quick overview of our updated Plan Gain/Loss Report by watching her quick video here!

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