January 19, 2023

4 Reasons Why Two-Way Texting Impacts Client Communication, Retention, and Revenue

Instant, real-time conversations easily increase engagement.

4 Reasons Why Two-Way Texting Impacts Client Communication, Retention, and Revenue

Texting is the preferred mobile conversational method. And if your studio wants to engage with clients, new and old, texting is the guaranteed way to streamline communication in real time. That ding, vibration, or blue bubble on your phone is more than instant information; it is positively impacting our mental state.

Yes, not all messages are exciting (like your insurance bill reminder), but texting inherently creates a “dopamine loop” in our brains. You know the feel-good chemical that we get from working out? That’s one reason why 85% of smartphone users prefer texting and open a message within three minutes—and why you (and your clients) can’t resist those cell phone notification sounds. It comes back to instant gratification and fulfilling curiosity. 

So how can two-way texting* impact revenue, retention, and communication at your studio? It’s not just about empowering engagement; it’s giving your clients a direct, personalized experience that’s flexible and fitting for their mobile-driven life. 

1. Instantaneous communication, immediate engagement 

Why not contact your clients on the device they spend the most time? Text messages have a response of 45% (compared to 6% with email), which is a straightforward win for getting your messages seen, opened, and read. From a plan end date reminder and class suggestion, to an invite for an upcoming studio event, two-way texting instigates conversations and elicits more immediate responses while providing instant support for your studio community.

2. Reliable, convenient (and modern) resource

Listening to a phone ringing on the other end is so 2010. With two-way texting, you’re giving your clients (and studio staff) the flexibility to proactively contact clients, lessen stress at the front desk, and mitigate customer service issues and inquiries. Two-way texting is also a great tool to help new clients feel comfortable with your studio as you set friendly expectations for their newer experience (a churn-reducing, retention-encouraging, community-building asset).

3. Make your marketing automations even more impactful

Our marketing automations are all about strategic client engagement with trigger-based communication, nurturing clients and helping them take meaningful action. When you’re able to automatically send our customizable pre-set automations via text message, you’re instantly ensuring the content will be seen, optimizing conversions and upsell opportunities. Plus, our Marketing Automation Reports allow you to view exactly who received a text based on automation—and if it performed—enabling you to update future communication for smarter engagement and clear calls to action.

4. The power of personalized communication 

At its very core, two-way texting is a solid retention and engagement strategy for your studio. It adds an element of meaningful, customizable communication that your clients can rely on. They know they are talking to a real person at your studio right now, creating a sense of humanity and facilitating a deeper connection to your studio community. By contacting clients via text, you’re also able to make personalized suggestions and share the studio schedule, allowing them to review options, feel confident making a decision, and book and buy right on the spot! 

Whether your studio uses two-way texting or it’s an upgraded feature you’ve been considering, this intuitive, simplified form of communication is something your clients will appreciate—and is a retention tactic that compliments an already mainstream consumer behavior.  

*Two-way text messaging is a Tier 2 feature at Walla, but is an easy add-on to your software plan. Send us a quick message at hello@hellowalla.com to learn more—and start texting your clients today! 

Customer retention is the key

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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