What’s Up at Walla: Filter Revenue Sources and Automatically Create ClassPass Profiles

Here are a few Walla software features and product updates for February.

What’s Up at Walla: Filter Revenue Sources and Automatically Create ClassPass Profiles

How much revenue did you generate from a specific plan at your downtown studio last month? Are more clients purchasing personal training appointments using credit cards or cash? As we continue to optimize reporting capabilities and release new functionality, we’re empowering your studio to make better, more informed business decisions. That’s why we’ve introduced Cash/Sales Report Filters! You can quickly analyze amortization and accrual-based revenue with secondary filters, including location, category, name, and payment method. 

So how can filtering the Cash/Sales Report help your studio establish a foundation for growth and success—and what other features are part of our most recent release? Yes, it starts with financial filters. It also includes ClassPass user profiles (yes!), enabling your clients to edit payment methods on file (less work for your front desk), referral attribution, plan change billing updates, and more!


Instantly review revenue and influence your studio sales strategy

The Cash/Sales Report filters allow you to see exactly what appointments, plans, classes, drop-ins, etc., are selling, exceeding expectations—and performing below average—according to date range, location, name (if applicable), and payment type. With this data in a straightforward, intuitive layout, you can now see which plans, like your 10-Class Pack or Unlimited Membership, are popular and worth marketing to clients and prospects. Or you can decide if it’s time to increase or lower your drop-in price based on in-studio spending and establish metrics around new appointment package sales at the end of Q1 2023. By measuring revenue trends and getting granular with sales performance, you can now be when it comes to your studio's sales strategy and opportunities to rethink pricing and client offerings proactively. Please note that all categories with a secondary filter are related to items and plans/packages/appointments with a name.       

ClassPass users will automatically get profiles so you can leverage upsell opportunities

If consumers find and book your studio via ClassPass, they will now have a profile* created on your Walla platform! By assigning a ClassPass user a client profile, your studio can see their booking behavior and make more informed decisions when suggesting a plan that would work best for their schedule and routine. Profiles will also mitigate ClassPass consumers from being able to capitalize and cash in on exclusive intro offers for first-time visitors. But don’t worry; if you want to sell them that intro offer, you can manually override that setting at the front desk. ClassPass profiles can help increase conversion rates, boost plan purchases, and enable you to tap into an audience already engaged at your studio—and turn them into loyal, lifetime clients. 

Eliminate stress at the front desk by allowing clients to update their payment methods 

Your clients can individually update their credit card information on the Walla widget for billing purposes, enabling them to take action before a payment fails. When a client adds a new payment method, they can assign that card to a plan, and we will automatically retry payment if it fails, so you don’t have to worry about missing revenue or IOUs. 

Instantly cancel future bookings for plan changes, so there’s no staff or client confusion 

Walla’s Plan Change feature simplifies studio interactions, saves time, and helps you determine if the change is an upgrade, downgrade, or neither (an industry first!). Now, all future billing cycle bookings will be canceled when clients change their plan—like adjusting their Monthly Recurring 10-Pack. This prevents non-eligible plans from being used and booked on non-eligible classes, saving you from billing and scheduling stress.

In this release, we also executed a few other features to make your software platform even more powerful! 

  • Failed payment reason appears on recurring payments (ex: expired credit card)
  • The referral name for a client will appear under the specific client’s profile—and the referrers name will be clickable
  • An email will be sent to an instructor when an appointment is booked and scheduled with them
  • Enrollments are visible in the class schedule on your Walla widget 

Questions about Walla features? Check out our support articles for additional information! Please note you must be logged in to Walla to access this support content.  

*ClassPass profile creation is not retroactive.

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